Will is 2!!!!!!!!

by Chelsea Myers on November 15, 2016

Boy is he ever!

I thought I was going to die laughing, and he very nearly hit the candles on the cake.

We had a small party for Will on Saturday – as you can tell, he was not impressed.  He’s still, of course, at the age where birthday parties are more about the parents than the kids.  He does enjoy his presents, though.  He got lots of good books and building things, and a ball, which he is actually really good at kicking (who knew?  Scott has never been much into ball sports).



Will remains very verbal, very affectionate, and very into reading books and building towers.  He’s so very sweet and cuddly and has started giving kisses (sometimes with tongue… watch out) and will say, unprompted, “I love you” and “This is my Mommy (Daddy, etc.)”.  He has strong opinions and will tell you, “Don’t say that word!” (mainly in response to Scott’s newfound potty humor that he knows he’s not supposed to use at the dinner table) and “Not right there!  or Not that one!” when giving directions on the proper building of towers.  He loves hiding from “ghost-es” under a blanket with Scott and running from “monsters” on the playground right after big brother.  Recently he figured out how to jump and skip.



I’m always impressed when he says a full sentence that came totally out of his own thoughts rather than in response to a question.  This morning he said, “No, Scott, that’s Nana’s tea,” when Scott picked up a cup on the table.

As far as 2 goes, he’s still pretty easygoing.  He’ll get mad about things – if, say, he thinks you are withholding chocolate bars from him – but is for the most part easy to redirect.  I can see how the birth order thing plays out because even though he’s the same age as Scott was when he was born, Will still seems very much like my baby.


Even though he’s only two, it still feels like he was always with us, and I can’t imagine life before or without him.  Happy Birthday, Sweet William!

Will’s 1st birthday:


Newborn Will:


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