Will – 23 months

by Chelsea Myers on October 13, 2016

At 23 months Will,

  • Loves building towers with blocks.  And not just any towers.  He has an aesthetic vision for what block should go where and will tell you “Not right there!” if you put something in the wrong place.
  • Has a particular look of terror when he thinks his brother is going to crash one of his towers (which we are trying to convince Scott not to do because he certainly would not Will to tear up something he’d been working on).
  • Seems to be enjoying school and liked having me stay in his class on our co-op day.
  • Told me when I picked him up that R, one of his classmates, took his graham cracker and his teacher, Ms. S, gave it back.  Which answers the question, “Does will know his classmates and teacher’s names?”
  • Understands the concepts of one of something and two of something.
  • Said, “Mommy went to exercise while Daddy and Scott and Will laid down in the big bed,” which I thought was a great sentence for someone not yet two.
  • Is just about the same age Scott was when Will was born!
  • Loves to push the shopping cart and dump truck around the yard.
  • Wants to climb up in his car seat and can click the chest strap together himself.
  • Likes to help clean up with the little brush and dustpan.
  • Loves his stuffed shark, dino and gators.
  • Is rejecting his booster seat at the table in favor of sitting at the bench next to Daddy.
  • Loves chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.
  • Hides in the closet or under the pillows on our bed when we play hide-n-seek.
  • Thinks his brother is totally hilarious – except when isn’t.  Listening to the two of them have a conversation is one of my very favorite things.

Putting a carrot in his tummy:


Petting sting rays at Sea World:


Wearing Mommy’s shoes (another favorite activity):


Important construction work:


Fun at music:


The tallest tower in the world:


Baby Crocodile Hunter:


This time last year, Will was walking with assistance and saying a few words including “Scott”, “up”, “light” and “uh-oh”.

Two years ago, Will had the hiccups and we had a baby name, though we changed the middle name between then and Will’s birth.

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