Will – 22 months

by Chelsea Myers on September 13, 2016


Will had his best ever school drop off and pick up today.  He walked right in to class and was swooped up by his teacher with no tears and was engaged in clean up after painting time when I came to pick him up.  He’s a funny duck because unlike Scott who would say “yes” to anything I asked him about school, Will says, “no” to everything I ask (and giggles about it – this is his joke).  Did you go to the playground today?  No.  Did you color with markers today?  No.  So then how did you get marker over every square inch of your arms…?

Before the semester started I was concerned about how pick-up was going to work on the days that both Will and Scott had school, but that’s actually been very easily.  I get Will at noon, we eat lunch together and read some stories or do puzzles or play blocks and then he gets to watch an episode of Thomas (I know he’s not really supposed to watch TV but he’s tasted the forbidden fruit and Scott gets his TV time while Will is napping).  Then he falls asleep in the car while we get Scott using the carpool line.


Will is doing great with his shapes, colors, and counting and remains very verbal.  My favorite Will-ism of late: He let out a loud belch, and I said, “What was that, Will?” and he replied, “It was the burping.”  He’s also started to say, “I love you, Mommy” unprompted.  Awwwwww.  Less adorable depending on the situation is his phrase “Not any more!”  as in “No fresh diaper any more.”  “No put shoes on any more”.  Sorry, bud, but neither of those are negotiable.

That said, he’s usually pretty agreeable.  We’re certainly not anywhere near the level of tantrum throwing Scott reached at his height of 2-ness.  He’s pretty easy to get to bed at night and has slept through the night consistently for the last several months.  After he reads stories with Scott and Daddy, we’ve been singing good night to family members and then Will’s body parts and saying our prayer and then he’s usually ready to lay down and goes to sleep without a fuss.


Can’t think of much else new.  He’s just a genuinely delightful little guy.

This time last year:  Will’s can-do personality was coming out.  If he wants to do something he just goes ahead and does it.  He’s not going to wait for someone to make it happen for him.  I do remember how gross it was when he was crawling around outside our old house though.  He looked like Pig Pen all the time.

Two years ago: There was 8 weeks to go before Will joined us.  I was nervous about life with two little ones but very ready to be rid of my horrible indigestion.  Name brand Gaviscon was the best antacid I ever found – for the record.


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MM September 15, 2016 at 8:02 am

Cuteness all around! I can’t even begin to write a caption for that first photo!


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