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by Chelsea Myers on October 12, 2016


I’m starting to see why 4 is a favorite age for so many parents.  Even though he won’t be 4 for another two months, Scott is embracing (most of the time) the idea of acting like a big 4-year-old.  He can:

  • Dress himself completely except for needing a little help with his socks.  He can pick out his clothes and recover from mishaps like putting something on backwards.
  • Understand “soon”, “not right now”, in a minute”, and “not while I’m driving”.  He doesn’t always like it, but he’s getting the hang of the idea that big kids say, “Okay, Mommy/Daddy”.
  • Go on “specials” with Daddy on weekend afternoons while Will is napping.
  • Put his dishes in the sink when he is done.
  • Try a bite of dinner (Though this can still be a tough sell depending on what we are having.  When asked by his teacher what his favorite food is, he said “bread”, which gives you an idea of how adventurous his eating habits are).
  • Go to school with a smile on his face.  “Drop me off, Mom.  Just drop me off.”
  • Tell you what day of the week it is.
  • Read simple words like “bus” and “stop” by sight.
  • Count to 10 in Korean (this is from the karate class he does after school on Thursdays).
  • Say “muy bien gracias” (this is from his little Spanish class).
  • Turn around at the turn around spot when we play in the front yard.
  • Be very sweet and cuddly.  For a long time he was way too busy to do much cuddling except at bed time, which Daddy does for Scott and I do for Will, and it’s been nice to have him climb up in my lap again.
  • Watch the Halloween Curious George movie and understand that it is just pretend.
  • Play “monsters and bad guys” with his friends at school.
  • Help cook (though he dumped a container of garlic powder in my coffee maker and it was h$!! to et out).

Some recent pictures including our trip last weekend too Sea World!  So much fun!





With a mermaid:


The day after epic rest time:


Brother fun:




Making jello:


The rainbow jellyfish:




This time last year we took the boys on their first Florida beach trip.  Which is especially funny considering he’s been telling me that he’s too cold these last two mornings when it’s been in the low – mid 70s.  Monday morning he said he thought it was going to snow!

Two years ago Scott found his singing voice.  He’s always been my playing outside kid and was enjoying the cooler weather and puddles to splash in.

Three years ago he was getting around without crawling and having lots of fun at music and story time.

Four years ago he was still swimming in the tank.

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