Scott – November

by Chelsea Myers on November 14, 2016

After all the fun of Halloween, Scott has decided he really likes holidays.  He’s been telling us that next is Will’s birthday, then Thanksgiving, then his birthday, then Christmas.

Scott went on his first field trip to the pumpkin patch the week before Halloween.  He had fun frolicking in the pumpkins and then he and the other little boys in his class went exploring in a forest (bush) and found some treasure (trash).  It was great fun.



Then there was the school Halloween parade and a trip to downtown Winter Park for the high school homecoming parade.



Scott is also still very big into riding his bike, going to see the turtles, playing sea creatures (and all sorts of pretend, really), playing hide-n-seek, playing with cars, trucks, and planes,  playing “monsters/ghosts/bad guys are coming” and running away from them, and of course reading lots of books.



His newest talent is telling jokes, which warrants its own video (and I don’t have one right now).  They run along the lines of:

“A seahorses goes on an airplane up in the sky and there’s dinosaurs.”

***here comes the punch line…***

“And they all brushed their teeth!”

He has the rhythm just right, which actually makes his jokes pretty funny even though they don’t make any sense (at least to anyone but Scott).

This time last year, Scott was becoming a big boy and doing big boy things.

Two years ago, Scott was almost a big brother.

This is still one of my all-time favorite pictures of Scott:

Three years ago, Scott was on the move.

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