Scott is 4!

by Chelsea Myers on December 13, 2016


We’ve had quite the birthday celebration for our big boy.  Between Will’s birthday, Scott’s birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it has been a busy, festive time for us.

He requested a Hank/Mr. Ray birthday party at one of his favorite parks, and – because people’s schedules fill up quickly this time of year – we held it a week early.  Fortunately many of his friends were able to come and he and the other kiddos seemed to have a great time.

Amazing Hank/Dory cupcake cake.  We have become loyal bakery customers of a particular Publix.



Our big Christmas/ birthday gift to Scott was a trip to the Magic Kingdom – without Will in tow.  I know lots of people bring tiny kids to Disney, but I’m glad we waited until 3 for Epcot and 4 for Disney.  Even though he didn’t really want to wit in line (who does?) Scott was able to be fairly patient and enjoyed everything we rode on.  His favorite ride was Peter Pan.  Mine was the Jungle Cruise and Daniel liked the Tiki Room best.  It’s kind of amazing how well a lot of the classic Disney rides have held up over time.  It was hard to get many good pictures, but here are a few.   It was fairly cold that day (high in the low 60s) but by far better to be cold than hot.

Cinderella’s Castle lit up at night:



Swiss Family Robinson tree house:


Next year Will will get to go, too.  Don’t know if we will plan to go back to Epcot or MK or maybe go to Animal Kingdom since none of us has been there yet.

As if that weren’t enough, Scott also had a special birthday at school.  At his request he brought gingerbread men for his special snack.  And then we had a very very small celebration on his actual birthday.  We lit candles on the last of the birthday cupcakes and sang to him.  Otherwise it was a very relaxed day since we’d been at Disney for the entire day before.

Happy Birthday to my big boy!

At 3:

At 2:

At 1:

Just born:

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