Q1 2017 update

by Chelsea Myers on January 30, 2017

  • Run a sub-4 marathon at Celebration.  I did this yesterday!!!!!  3:57:11 !!!!!!!!  Will write a bit more in my “currently” post but I’m thrilled.
  • Write another 1/4 of my novel.  I’ve written a few thousand words so far this month and am guessing I’m about at the 3/4 done point.  There’s really only two or three big “things” that need to happen before the end of the story.
  • Landscaping in front and back yards while the weather is nice.  Kind of pressed pause on this for a little while because we had some other house-related things we had to take care of.
  • Out of town trip with Daniel.  Coming up next month.
  • I hadn’t listed this again as one of my Q1 goals, but I did end up being offered another online class this semester and agreed to take over an 10-week in-person class that will meet one day a week (the original instructor was unable to do it and the class is totally full).  I don’t think I want to make in-person teaching a regular thing, but it will be fine for a few weeks this spring.

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