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by Chelsea Myers on February 3, 2016



Sooooo…. we bought a house!  It’s yellow with white trim and too many (empty, though) boxes cluttering up the garage to put the van it yet.


We closed last Monday and the movers came a week ago today.  Last Tuesday was the first night we spent here, and I suppose it’s starting to feel like home.  Scott says he likes our new house better than our old house because all his toys are at the new house.  Sometimes when I lay in bed and close my eyes I still imagine that I’m at our old house, though.


Being homeowners, I suppose.  Nothing has broken… yet.  It’s been fun (well, not the actual action of painting but the creative process) to paint rooms the way we’d like and personalize in a way we haven’t before because we’ve always been renters.  I also love not having stairs, having a backyard for the kids to play in, and not living right next to the train tracks.  The boys are back in swimming again and Scott is just amazing.  He floated on his back and kicked the entire length of the pool multiple times yesterday – with a smile!

Not Loving:

Feeling unsettled, having tons of empty boxes in the car and garage and not being able to identify where they should be taken to be recycled, feeling like I don’t know anyone here, missing our old neighbors, missing the train (maybe just a teeny tiny bit), feeling lame because I haven’t invited anyone over but we have swimming at 4pm which makes the timing a little tough, feeling lame because I haven’t gone over to talk to the neighbors, blah blah blah.


Just Finished – Last Train to Paradise by Les Standiford (chosen – I say loosely – by my father-in-law, checking off box #6)

About to start – Deep Work by Cal Newport (checking off box #1)

Working on:

All the worry work of home-ownership.  Next up, new mini blinds.  I think we’ll be ready for a few inside shots after our beautiful sheet and table cloth curtains are down.

Disney Marathon Recap:

I’ve had a post about Disney in the queue for weeks now – it feels like forever since I ran the race – but I’ll just throw in some bullet points here for posterity.

  • Finished in 4:25, which was way off my goal time of 4:00.
  • That said, it was warm and super humid.  The winner finished 15 minutes slower this year than in 2015.
  • I think I was less disappointed with a 4:25 finish than I would have been with a 4:01 finish.
  • Running through the Magic Kingdom in the dark with Cinderella’s castle (which had been taken over by Anna and Elsa) all lit up was the best part.
  • The 8 miles of back streets at the beginning between the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom was my least favorite part.
  • I heard both the UF and UW fight songs playing as I ran through the ESPN Wide World of Sports.
  • The best character interaction was the little green army men from Toy Story yelling at everyone running up a hill at mile 21.
  • The best part of the whole weekend was dinner at California Grill with delicious foot and a beautiful view of all of Disney.
  • The worst part of the weekend was freezing and throwing up in the medical tent (and on the bus back to the hotel).  Though all the medical volunteers were wonderful.  And phenergan – woah that stuff burns.
  • In summary, I’m not planning to do the race again anytime soon, but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who was interested.  It was very well run (pun intended, I suppose) and neat to see Disney from that perspective.

This time:

Last year

Scott was learning to be a big brother




He looks so little compared to now!

And Will was just so stinking cute.

In 2014, Scott started walking!

In 2013, Scott had almost doubled his birth weight in 2 months (making him the same size as some babies when the come out!).


In 2012, I was feeling kind of hopeless about having a baby.  Hang in there, past self!  In just a few years your 2 kids will keep you from doing much internetting – even if you wanted to.

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Jessica February 3, 2016 at 12:41 pm

Congratulations on the house! You will feel settled soon enough.


Chelsea Myers February 9, 2016 at 8:16 am

Thanks! I love the house you guys are living in. It’s so cute!


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