Winter Park

Currently – September

by Chelsea Myers on September 1, 2016


Noteworthy: The boys are both in school.  Scott goes 9 – 2 M – R and Will goes M and T from 9 – 12.  Will is having some trouble with the transition but Scott loves it.  In fact, depending on a few things, we might add Friday and have him go every day.  Last […]


Was thinking about this the other day and realized I had only a vague recollection of what was on it.  Might be a fun thing to revisit each year.  Originals in plain type; comments in bold. Personal life/Family: Have 2 (3?) children.  Guide them as they grow up to be happy, healthy, productive members of […]


Currently – August

by Chelsea Myers on August 1, 2016


Noteworthy: Uncle Jim came to visit.  We went to Homosassa Springs and saw the manatees. The boys are both back in swimming lessons.  I’ll save those pictures/videos for their individuals posts. We’ve been swimming very day we can and the boys are turning into little fish. It is hot hot hot hot. Reading: Just finished […]

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Currently – July

by Chelsea Myers on July 6, 2016


And hot hot hot hot hot.  A few pictures from the Independence Day, also known at our house was Watermelon Day, festivities. I ran a 5k earlier in the morning and we took the boys back out to play on the inflatable slides (S loved it, W just wanted to jump on the bottom part […]


Scott – March 2016

by Chelsea Myers on March 8, 2016


I must scream it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high* – Scott is using the potty! He’d been wearing pull-ups for a while, but about 3 weeks ago I decided they were making both of us lazy, and we had to go all in with big boy underwear.  There were […]


Currently – March

by Chelsea Myers on March 1, 2016


Loving: Being more or less settled in to our new house.  We had new windows installed yesterday and will hopefully have blinds installed later this week so our fabulous sheet/tablecloth curtains can come down.  The only remaining items on our to-do-soon list are to hang a few more decorations inside, replace a door (which is […]


Currently – February

by Chelsea Myers on February 3, 2016


  Sooooo…. we bought a house!  It’s yellow with white trim and too many (empty, though) boxes cluttering up the garage to put the van it yet. We closed last Monday and the movers came a week ago today.  Last Tuesday was the first night we spent here, and I suppose it’s starting to feel like […]


Currently – June

by Chelsea Myers on June 1, 2015


Reading: Currently: Emma Retold by Alexander McCall Smith. Recently finished: The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Up next: Frequent Flyer Master.  And then ???? I might start trying to work my way through some of Modern Mrs. Darcy’s summer reading list. With Scott: Books that were mine (Danny and the Dinosaur, Jenny […]


9 Years

by Chelsea Myers on May 20, 2015

2006-05-20 16.18.41

It’s been 9 years since this: And nearly 13 since this: Nine years is a long time!  Nearly 1/3 of our lives.  Long enough for stuff to really happen. There have been graduations and job changes and three cross-country moves: two beautiful kids: vacations: projects: themed parties: nights out pre-children: some sort of awkward sporty phase […]



Daniel and I are 32.5.  Scott is nearly 2.5 and Will is 5 months old. 4:30am – My bladder alarm clock goes off.  I come back to bed, turn off the real alarm and nurse Will. 4:50am – Get up and get dressed. 5:10am – Head to the gym.  The class I like to take […]