Race Report

Currently – February

by Chelsea Myers on February 3, 2016


  Sooooo…. we bought a house!  It’s yellow with white trim and too many (empty, though) boxes cluttering up the garage to put the van it yet. We closed last Monday and the movers came a week ago today.  Last Tuesday was the first night we spent here, and I suppose it’s starting to feel like […]


Will at 3 months

by Chelsea Myers on February 16, 2015


Is a sweet, cute, smiley, cuddly living teddy bear. Will has become so much more interactive in just the last few weeks.  He makes eye contact and tries to get our attention (which is nearly always distracted trying to keep track of Scott), coos, squeaks, and smiles.  He can tell when someone is looking at […]


FIRST week of training

by Chelsea Myers on January 25, 2015

After being cleared to run Dec. 26th I’ve spent a few weeks working back to feeling comfortable running 3mi a few times a week.  It was actually easier than I’d thought to complete the distance, but I started out going slooowwwww.  Like 11:30 min/mile slow.  Slower than I was when I started running to begin with […]


Shamrock Shuffle 2

Editor’s note: I wrote this “real” Shamrock Shuffle race recap back in March before we were ready to reveal the big news about baby #2. I’m a little slow putting together a post about the wedding weekend (read: stealing pictures other people took off of FB) so in the meantime, I hope you enjoy. This […]


Over the weekend

by Chelsea Myers on March 17, 2014


Despite the fact that it was still kind of cold, we had a nice weekend. Friday afternoon, Scott and I took a walk around the UW campus before meeting Daniel for a photo shoot on the lake.  Getting some pictures of Scott on frozen Lake Mendota is one of the things on my Madison bucket […]

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Belated Thanksgiving

by Chelsea Myers on November 30, 2013


So thankful for: A delicious Thanksgiving dinner spent with extended family.  One I did not have to prepare myself.  Scott had a few tastes but is still more interested in turkey of the jarred variety. A warm place to stand while waiting for the start of the Berbee Derby, and a chance to catch up […]


Cue sad trombone

by Chelsea Myers on October 27, 2013

Despite great weather and being in solid shape, I didn’t run the Haunted Hustle 1/2 marathon this morning. I felt just fine yesterday but woke up sick in the middle of the night. 1/3 bottle of Gatorade and 1/4 of Packing for Mars later and I’m feeling a bit better, but, although I’m disappointed about […]



www.marriedtothesea.com I’d be mad except the whole thing is laughable.  I earned a giant PW (that would be personal worst) at the Literacy Network 10k this morning.  My time is so bad I refuse to give it any publicity by posting it on my blog.    Despite the fact that it was hot (for Madison) […]


Do I get to write a race report for a race I didn’t run?  Sure, why not? My plan was to get up early, run, scarf some breakfast, and bike out to mile 11.5 of the Madison Mini Marathon to cheer on a few friends as they passed by.  I did get in a run […]


Mad Spectatin’

by Chelsea Myers on August 20, 2011

I’m out cheering on the runners of the Madison Mini Marathon this morning.  Good luck to Kerri, Jamie and Linda!  Hopefully the rain will hold off.  Racing in the rain is not a lot of fun.  Plus I’d hate for it to ruin my fabulous sign.  I made sure to cover both motivational bases. Both […]

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