Pregnancy #2


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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Will – 23 months

by Chelsea Myers on October 13, 2016


At 23 months Will, Loves building towers with blocks.  And not just any towers.  He has an aesthetic vision for what block should go where and will tell you “Not right there!” if you put something in the wrong place. Has a particular look of terror when he thinks his brother is going to crash […]


Will – 19 months

by Chelsea Myers on June 22, 2016


At 19 months, Will: Loves ice cream (and black olives, which are so not my favorite). Can name family members (Mommy, Daddy, Scott, Gramma, Gramma (Grandpa), Nana, Papa) and himself and recognizes himself in pictures Points to things and says, “Right there!” if you ask him where something is.  If you ask him where his […]


Will – 18 months

by Chelsea Myers on May 14, 2016


And headed full speed toward 2!  Right now Will Can count to 10, though he doesn’t really understand what that means Loves puzzles and can do our Melissa and Doug wooden ones like this by himself (or with very little help) Is starting to show the 2-year-old temper.  He screams when he gets frustrated and throws […]


Will – 16 months

by Chelsea Myers on March 15, 2016


Will loves: Peek-a-boo Animals Bubbles Reading books and going to the bookstore to play with the train table Climbing, climbing, and more climbing Singing “If you’re happy and you know it”, “Wheels on the Bus”, and “Twinkle Twinkle” Feeding himself (especially while sitting on my lap, eating from my plate) Playing trucks and trains Playing with […]

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Currently – March

by Chelsea Myers on March 1, 2016


Loving: Being more or less settled in to our new house.  We had new windows installed yesterday and will hopefully have blinds installed later this week so our fabulous sheet/tablecloth curtains can come down.  The only remaining items on our to-do-soon list are to hang a few more decorations inside, replace a door (which is […]


BB#2 – 40 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on November 13, 2014


Put a fork in me, I’m done.   There’s still no progress toward labor so we’re sticking with the plan to to in for surgery at 4:45am (the procedure will start at 6:45am) tomorrow.  It’s not exactly the way I wanted this all to go, but I’m at peace with it.  I don’t think there’s […]


Scott at 23 months

by Chelsea Myers on November 11, 2014

School picture 1

From Scott’s school portraits a couple weeks ago: Don’t worry grandparents, we bought printed copies to give out, but I couldn’t help but get the digital images as well.  It was worth it to have photographic evidence that he could be still and look at a camera long enough for these photos to even happen. […]


Baby #2 – 39 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on November 6, 2014


We’re in uncharted territory here, folks.   At this time in my “pregnancy” with Scott, he was already born. How tiny!  I can’t believe how short a time ago it was that he was so tiny! Anyway… the doctor said I wasn’t showing signs of going into labor anytime too soon but that things could […]

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