Currently – October

by Chelsea Myers on September 29, 2016


Noteworthy: We have made a pilgrimage to the World’s Largest McDonalds.  And it was large (and fortunately not packed, being the off season).  Large enough that the boys were done playing pretty quickly.  It had pretty good make-your-own pizza, though. School is going better for Will.  More of that in his post. Reading: Just finished […]


Currently – September

by Chelsea Myers on September 1, 2016


Noteworthy: The boys are both in school.  Scott goes 9 – 2 M – R and Will goes M and T from 9 – 12.  Will is having some trouble with the transition but Scott loves it.  In fact, depending on a few things, we might add Friday and have him go every day.  Last […]


Was thinking about this the other day and realized I had only a vague recollection of what was on it.  Might be a fun thing to revisit each year.  Originals in plain type; comments in bold. Personal life/Family: Have 2 (3?) children.  Guide them as they grow up to be happy, healthy, productive members of […]


9 Years

by Chelsea Myers on May 20, 2015

2006-05-20 16.18.41

It’s been 9 years since this: And nearly 13 since this: Nine years is a long time!  Nearly 1/3 of our lives.  Long enough for stuff to really happen. There have been graduations and job changes and three cross-country moves: two beautiful kids: vacations: projects: themed parties: nights out pre-children: some sort of awkward sporty phase […]


Best of 2014

by Chelsea Myers on December 31, 2014

Highlights: Scott walks and talks   Daniel accepts a job offer at Rollins               Daniel graduates                 We move to Florida                 Will is born   A few other notable 2014 favorites: TV: Justified, Longmire, Veronica […]


Merry Christmas

by Chelsea Myers on December 25, 2014

Our holiday letter for the year: Dear friends and family, This has been a fun holiday season for our family because Scott is finally starting to “get” Christmas. At least he’s figured out that every once in a while, packages appear under the Christmas tree and – best of all – some of them contain […]


Baby #2 – 24 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 24, 2014


All our bags are packed; we’re ready to go.  Not quite, but getting there.  We cooked out last real meal in the kitchen last night and I bundled up all the opened food packages that were worth saving to take to work if anyone wants them*.  That means we’re ready to pack the last of […]


Baby #2 – 23 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 17, 2014


I wish I could say that Scott photo-bombed the second picture, but really I had to lure him over.  Poor kid probably thought there would be Cheerios involved. Sooo… I’ve started writing this post a couple times, wanting to make it more positive because this has not been a very positive week in blog land, […]


Data dump

by Chelsea Myers on July 15, 2014

1. The daycare thing has been resolved satisfactorily.  Mainly because Scott’s daycare is awesome.  I think that’s part of the reason I’m having such trouble with #2. 2. Fining good daycare in Orlando is what is currently driving me nuts.  We have Scott enrolled at a place I feel good about (they had a spot […]


Scott at 19 months

by Chelsea Myers on July 10, 2014


No.     That is the word that defines 19-month-old Scott.  It’s the answer to every question.  Even the ones where the real answer is, “Yes”. “Do you want a Teddy Graham?” “No.  Yeah.” …… “Bee bo!”. “Is that Mommy’s bee bo?” “No.” …… “Eye!” “Is that your eye?” “No.”   Other new words Scott […]