July 2016


Recorded Monday, July 18.  Daniel is 34, I’m 33, Scott is 3.5 and Will is 20 months. 6am – Wake up and go for an easy run. 6:45am – Return home to find Daniel and Will eating breakfast.  Will has been doing better sleeping through the night – he even slept until 7am a few […]


Will – 20 months

by Chelsea Myers on July 14, 2016


At 20 months old, Will loves to: Let his opinions be known.  This was taken while he was expressing disapproval over a beverage offering. Eat: hot dogs, watermelon, chicken with Indian sauce, black olives, Dory cereal, bacon and anything on someone else’s plate. Ride in the stroller while I run – especially when I do […]


Scott – July

by Chelsea Myers on July 11, 2016


Recently Scott has: Been into all sea creatures, especially rays and jellyfish Enjoyed playing elaborate pretend games on his own Gotten very good at doing puzzles and playing games on the Ipad Enjoyed watching The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and the ocean episodes of Planet Earth Loved going to the pet store at watching all the […]


Currently – July

by Chelsea Myers on July 6, 2016


And hot hot hot hot hot.  A few pictures from the Independence Day, also known at our house was Watermelon Day, festivities. I ran a 5k earlier in the morning and we took the boys back out to play on the inflatable slides (S loved it, W just wanted to jump on the bottom part […]