April 2016

Will – 17 months

by Chelsea Myers on April 15, 2016


At 17 months Will Loves to draw and paint.  Especially places he shouldn’t like people or the furniture. Enjoys eating butter chicken and chicken tikka masala.  And Cheetos from a baggie.  And eating anything while sitting in my lap, using my utensils. Is messy (though better now than in this picture) eating yogurt (another favorite food). […]


Scott – April 2016

by Chelsea Myers on April 12, 2016

Thankfully this is not our garage.  At least not yet!  I’ve got to say, for 3 and 1 they have pretty good rhythm. Scott: Is starting to be able to do more complex puzzles. Loves playing trucks and is starting to “play “with Will, though it’s more parallel play than really playing together. Is getting […]


DITL – Spring 2016

by Chelsea Myers on April 5, 2016


Friday, April 1, 2016.  Scott is 3.25 years old, Will is 16 months, Daniel and I are 33.5.  Daniel goes to work for a normal 8 – 5 day on Fridays.  The boys are home with me.  Friday is a rest day from working out for me. 6:30 – Wake up.  Daniel gets in the […]

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