February 2016

Will 15 months

by Chelsea Myers on February 14, 2016


At 15 months old, Will can say full sentences and thinks he’s a dinosaur. If you ask Will what a duck says or what a cow says, he’ll respond, “Quack!” or “Mooo!” appropriately and if you ask him if he’s a dinosaur, he’ll say, “Raaaaawwwrrrr!”. Other recent words and phrases are: “I want to go”, “I […]


Scott – February 2016

by Chelsea Myers on February 9, 2016


Scott seems to be adjusting to our recent move very well.  He says that he likes our new house more than our old house because our new house has all our stuff in it.  Sounds logical to me.  He seems to like his new room, which is painted “blue like the moon!” and our open living […]


Currently – February

by Chelsea Myers on February 3, 2016


  Sooooo…. we bought a house!  It’s yellow with white trim and too many (empty, though) boxes cluttering up the garage to put the van it yet. We closed last Monday and the movers came a week ago today.  Last Tuesday was the first night we spent here, and I suppose it’s starting to feel like […]