September 2015

Currently – October

by Chelsea Myers on September 30, 2015

Reading: Just Finished – ??? Did I only read magazines in September?  Surely not… But I can’t think of what I did read.  I was between books for quite awhile. Currently – Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan Upcoming – Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner Watching: Scott’s finally pulled through his “must have […]



by Chelsea Myers on September 22, 2015


I’m having a strange moment of feeling – dare I say it – caught up/ ahead of where I need to be at home and at work.  It never lasts and is totally dependent on kid sleep schedules coinciding, but it feels nice just for now, and I’m trying hard to use time wisely to […]


Will – 10 months

by Chelsea Myers on September 15, 2015


At 10 months, Will is into everything.  Nothing slows him down.  He is crawling all over and pulling up on everything that will stay stationary (and plenty of things that won’t).  If you stand stationary for long enough for him to reach you, he’ll climb up your leg to say “hi”. Will doesn’t really cruise […]


Scott – September 2015

by Chelsea Myers on September 10, 2015


While I want to continue to do updates about Scott each month, the idea of labeling the posts by his number of months old was starting to get silly (and impossible to remember). So here is what Scott is up to as of Sept 10, 2015: Scott started 3x per week preschool a couple weeks […]

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Currently – September

by Chelsea Myers on September 1, 2015


Writing this from the adjunct room at work between classes.  Will is going to come by for “lunch” shortly before I teach my next class.  There’s no one in here, and I think it’s going to be awesome to have this dedicated 1.5 hours every T and R to get work done.  But, as it […]