July 2015

Will at 8 months

by Chelsea Myers on July 20, 2015


I think this is the record for how long it’s taken me to get a monthly post written for one of the boys (Will’s 8 month birthday was the 14th) but it was fortuitous because last night we captured this scene:  Will chasing a plate of nachos around the living room. I can hear the […]


Scott – 31 months

by Chelsea Myers on July 13, 2015


My sweet, curious, (more than) occasionally wild and spirited boy. We are definitely moving into “threenager” territory.  He’s so very communicative.  This time last year, I could list all the new words he’d learned in a month.  This year he says things that make him sound like he’s going on 15. “Mom, puh-leeze get me […]

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Currently – July

by Chelsea Myers on July 3, 2015


Enjoying a rare moment of quiet in the afternoon.  Scott is in the process of giving up his nap, so quiet rest time in the afternoon isn’t a given anymore.  That’s tough for Will and me both!  I took the boys over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house this morning for playtime and swimming, and they […]