March 2015

Will being Will with a soundtrack by Scott:


Will at 4 months

by Chelsea Myers on March 19, 2015


Such a sweet, cute, easy-going guy.  Will is transitioning out of the weird newborn phase into the cute baby phase.  He has good upper back and neck control and looks like he could be ready to take off and army crawl, though I know that’s still (thankfully) months away.  He can roll front to back […]


Scott – 27 months old

by Chelsea Myers on March 13, 2015


These posts can be so hard to write when so much is going on. We’ve been busy making tents: At the zoo: And exploring around town: Scott seems to be making 4 big advances in his development recently. Playing with other kids.  He’s doing a lot of parallel play still, but he will interact with […]


Currently – March

by Chelsea Myers on March 5, 2015

Reading: Facebook… yeah, I said I was going to give it up for Lent, but then friends kept having babies and birthdays that I didn’t want to miss.  I’ve been staying off Feedly, though, and away from all the “problem” blogs. Watching: Justified Season 5 Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  Whereas Daniel the Daddy (and Chelsea the […]