February 2015

Green Meadows Farm

by Chelsea Myers on February 26, 2015


We recently bought an Amazon Local deal to visit Green Meadows Farm southeast of town.  So many fun animals!  Scott started out fairly tentative but became much more comfortable with the animals by the time we left*.  He pet a cow, chickens and chicks, ducks and ducklings, sheep, and goats and fed pigs, sheep and […]

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Saturday morning we went out east of town to the Orlando Wetlands Festival.  We met some native “friends” – a possum and an alligator. More exciting than animals that like to bite were the playground and the bounce house.  I remember there was bounce house at Halloween festival we took Scott to back in October , […]


Farewell, Vain Internet

by Chelsea Myers on February 19, 2015

I’ve decided to take a 40-day Internet “fast” for Lent.  Specifically a “fast” from Facebook and blogs.  I’m still going to check my e-mail, do required Internet searches, and post on my own blog, but I’m going to take a break from the “so good yet so bad” part.  I went to Ash Wedesday service […]


Will at 3 months

by Chelsea Myers on February 16, 2015


Is a sweet, cute, smiley, cuddly living teddy bear. Will has become so much more interactive in just the last few weeks.  He makes eye contact and tries to get our attention (which is nearly always distracted trying to keep track of Scott), coos, squeaks, and smiles.  He can tell when someone is looking at […]


Scott – 26 months

by Chelsea Myers on February 12, 2015

Two phrases are finally starting to compete with “No!” as Scott’s favorite things to say.  One is, “Scott do it” and the second is, “Mine”. Things Scott can do: Put clothes in the washer and dryer (even clothes that aren’t wet and/or dirty) Close the door to the dishwasher Push the correct buttons to operate […]

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Scott loves trucks.  He can rattle off the names of his favorites: garbage truck, cement mixer, flatbed truck, tractor trailer, etc. and enjoys identifying them when we see them on the street.  So when we saw that UCF has an annual Touch a Truck event, we wanted to take him to get an up close […]


Books books books

by Chelsea Myers on February 5, 2015

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Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but I realized that by December 2014 I’d forgotten everything I’d read before October. Dear Committee Members, Julie Schumacher (finished in 2014):  Funny and ultimately sad, letters from an English professor frustrated with the state of academia in the modern age.  The best letters are his job recommendations for […]


Currently – February

by Chelsea Myers on February 2, 2015


Watching: Will smiling.  He’s become so interactive over the last few weeks.  He can tell when someone is talking to him and his face lights up and he makes little cooing noises in response. Scott learning to be a big brother.  He can bring us a pair of Will’s socks from a drawer and was […]