October 2014


We did a coordinated “skeleton family” costume this year. I’m glad we didn’t try to wrangle Scott into a real costume.  It’s way too hot and his cooperation level does not extend much beyond the t-shirt level (why do all the toddler costumes have masks/hats?). We have no real Halloween plans this evening except maybe […]


Baby #2 – 37 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on October 24, 2014


The “old” “full-term” has arrived!  The two gals that I think of as being in my pregnancy cohort delivered in the last couple weeks, but no signs of labor for me at my OB appointment yesterday. At 37 weeks, BB#2 is about 6 1/3 lbs and 19 inches long.  I think he may have dropped […]

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I see…

by Chelsea Myers on October 21, 2014


Scott – who if I have not mentioned it 1 million times before is an incredibly picky eater – “made” this “healthy eating” collage at school last week. Because I was highly suspicious of him selecting salad, a pork chop and broccoli as things he would like to eat, I asked him what was in […]

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Baby #2 – 36 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on October 17, 2014


  Two people this week have said I look like I’m ready to pop, and I certainly feel like it.  Yet there’s still a whole month to go, plus or minus.  It could be as short as 2.5 weeks if this baby comes as early as Scott did (although, long story short, he was evicted […]



by Chelsea Myers on October 13, 2014


Seriously, I think it would have been easier to try to take pictures of a feral cat at a pumpkin patch on a 90-degree day…  


Scott at 22 months

by Chelsea Myers on October 10, 2014


Photographic highlights: Outside at home: With Nana and Papa during their visit: At the splash pad: At the indoor playground on a rainy day: Cows- not cute and cuddly: Being mischiefous by standing on a chair to turn the kitchen light on and off while Mommy tries to get dinner ready: New words and phrases: […]


Baby #2 – 35 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on October 9, 2014


35 weeks! The baby is about 18 inches long and 5.5lbs.  At this point I feel like he’s arranged himself like a “7” so his head and hands are down (I think I feel hands right under my right hip bone), his bottom is at my top right and his feet are at the top […]



1. You can wear sandals all the time: church, weddings, funerals, bar and bat mitzvahs…  Bare toes are appropriate for any occasion.  I haven’t worn socks – except while I was exercising – since we got here. 2. Pumpkins should not be carved until immediately before Halloween.  In the heat, they will liquefy and turn […]


Baby #2 – 34 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on October 2, 2014


Just like 14 weeks (beginning of the 2nd trimester), 20 weeks (anatomy scan ultrasound) and 27 weeks (probable viability), 34 weeks is another major milestone in pregnancy because babies born after 34 weeks (that have no other complications) tend to have no long term problems compared to babies born at full term.  While I’m happy […]