September 2014

Current faves

by Chelsea Myers on September 29, 2014


(according to Scott) Food: Toaster waffles (thankfully much less messy than the previous fave, yogurt)   Clothing: Airplane jammies Song: Yankee Doodle sung by Daddy Book: Toot Toot, Beep Beep Activity: Driving the car Recent outing: The petting zoo (as long as no touching of the animals was involved) Accomplishment: No p-a-c-i since Friday morning. […]


Baby #2 – 33 Weeks

by Chelsea Myers on September 25, 2014


7 weeks to go!  8 at the very most until BB #2 gets his eviction notice.  I hate to say it because I know the real fatigue is on its way, but man, I am so tired.  Monday was not too bad because over the weekend I was able to nap while Scott was sleeping.  However, […]


Maternity workout clothes

by Chelsea Myers on September 23, 2014

Are a unicorn.  Good ones at least.  Most of what is marketed as workout gear in stores like Motherhood Maternity or at Old Navy can best be described as lounge wear.  If your idea of working out during pregnancy is watching Mr. Selfridge – and sometimes mine is – then fine.  But to actually lift weights […]

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Baby #2 – 32 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on September 18, 2014


This week the baby is about 3 3/4 lbs and 16.7 inches long.  He continues to be active and is putting on weight and prepping for life on the outside.  I’m hoping he’s head down because I feel a lot of movement on the top of my stomach and not so much down low, although […]


Weekend fun

by Chelsea Myers on September 15, 2014


♦ Nana and Papa came to visit. ♦ Ikea furniture was purchased for Scott’s “big boy” room.  Swedish meatballs were eaten.  Lingonberry sauce is in the pantry.  Many drawers were assembled. ♦ Fun was had. Crashing a fraternity rush event: Playing outside: Visiting the splash park:   ♦ Photos were staged. Ready: Smile!:   ♦ […]


Baby #2 – 31 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on September 11, 2014


If last week was all about being excited, this has been my week to be anxious.  Anxious about making the most of Scott’s final weeks as an only child.  Anxious about taking care of a newborn again… this time with a toddler.  Anxious about having to leave another tiny baby to go back to work […]


Scott at 21 months

by Chelsea Myers on September 10, 2014


Photographic highlights from the last month: And more words! Me up – “Pick me up”. Charis, Asher, Lilly, Anna, Petra – Names of people he knows. RV – We drive past a lot where RVs are sold on the way to daycare.  I’m still working on Airstream. Oval (this one is the clearest), circle, rectangle, […]



1.  There are so many things that make noise.  Planes flying overhead to and from the airport.  The train.  Cicadas. How do you explain cicadas to a 1.5-year-old who wants that noise to go bye-bye? 2. There are so many insects.  They are everywhere (somehow an ant managed to Harry Houdini its way into my […]


Baby #2 – 30 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on September 5, 2014


    We’ve hit the “30’s”  – the countdown begins.  10 weeks or less until we meet BB#2.  In some ways it feels like a long time – it feels like forever ago that we found out BB#2 was a baby boy and that was 10 weeks ago – but each individual week seems to pass […]