July 2014

Baby #2 – 24 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 24, 2014


All our bags are packed; we’re ready to go.  Not quite, but getting there.  We cooked out last real meal in the kitchen last night and I bundled up all the opened food packages that were worth saving to take to work if anyone wants them*.  That means we’re ready to pack the last of […]


Baby #2 – 23 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 17, 2014


I wish I could say that Scott photo-bombed the second picture, but really I had to lure him over.  Poor kid probably thought there would be Cheerios involved. Sooo… I’ve started writing this post a couple times, wanting to make it more positive because this has not been a very positive week in blog land, […]


Data dump

by Chelsea Myers on July 15, 2014

1. The daycare thing has been resolved satisfactorily.  Mainly because Scott’s daycare is awesome.  I think that’s part of the reason I’m having such trouble with #2. 2. Fining good daycare in Orlando is what is currently driving me nuts.  We have Scott enrolled at a place I feel good about (they had a spot […]


And YAY!

by Chelsea Myers on July 14, 2014

Just got notice back from Scott’s daycare that they are accepting the pseudo-notice that I sent in May as “good enough” to get our security deposit back.  Makes me feel even better about my previous decision to just think of the security deposit as a donation had we lost it. But now I’m nervous about […]



by Chelsea Myers on July 14, 2014

Well, I just realized I made my first major relocation screw up: I forgot cancel our daycare arrangement 30 days out.  I sent a note asking about how we cancel, but then I forgot to write the letter to actually cancel until this morning. Which means we lost our security deposit.  And possibly means we’ll […]


Baby #2 – 22 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 11, 2014


Not much new to report this week.  The baby is about 11 inches long and 1lb – the size of a spaghetti squash – and has been moving around a lot more.  I don’t think a day has gone by this week that I haven’t felt at least some kicks and wiggles.  And maybe even […]


Scott at 19 months

by Chelsea Myers on July 10, 2014


No.     That is the word that defines 19-month-old Scott.  It’s the answer to every question.  Even the ones where the real answer is, “Yes”. “Do you want a Teddy Graham?” “No.  Yeah.” …… “Bee bo!”. “Is that Mommy’s bee bo?” “No.” …… “Eye!” “Is that your eye?” “No.”   Other new words Scott […]



1. Jump off of or out of anything high. 2. Eat insects on purpose. 3. Go winter camping. 4. Or ice fishing. 5. Or ice diving. 6.  Or ice climbing. 7. Own a rodent.  Or a bird. 8. Pay money to be scared. 9. Read (or re-read) anything by Tolkien. 10. Get a tattoo. Aside […]


Baby #2 – 21 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 3, 2014


Let’s get right to the important part, shall we? We had our 20-week ultrasound yesterday and were able to see our little…. BOY! Yep.  Scott’s going to be a big brother to a little brother.  And little brother has all the appropriate parts.  He was not keen to show off his face (or his junk […]


photo (22)

and we made it back. I will not say that flying with an 18-month old is my favorite thing to do.  It ranks somewhere above being mauled by a dragon since there’s not real threat of physical harm but below getting stung by a wasp because, unless you’re on a really short flight, the discomfort […]