June 2014

Baby #2 – 20 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on June 27, 2014


And here we are – the official 1/2 way mark.  I’ve been counting down to this for awhile – there’s always something to count down to during pregnancy (next up: probable viability at 27 weeks) – but this week feelings of trepidation have been mixed in with feelings of excitement about the baby’s November arrival.  […]


Happy Happy

by Chelsea Myers on June 24, 2014


Birthday to Daniel and to my dad. Instead of a cake, the birthday fairy brought donuts from Greenbush Bakery for breakfast.  These things are so so so tasty (the old fashioned/cruller style donuts are my fave) but the sugar high is a good, quick reminder of why donuts are a sometimes food. Scott, who obviously has a […]


Weekend fun

by Chelsea Myers on June 23, 2014


This past weekend was a really nice one.  It felt long but in a good way. We started out the “weekend” – although Friday was a normal work day for Daniel and I spent the entire day packing – by going to dinner at Inka Heritage and then to see a live taping Wait Wait […]


Baby #2 – 19 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on June 19, 2014


Almost 1/2 way there and just under 2 weeks until we find out baby #2’s gender! This week has been uneventful pregnancy-wise.  I did feel some more baby flutters on Monday but nothing since then.  I’m up another lb this week (for 3 total) probably mainly due to Wednesday’s high quality ice cream consumption – […]



4:50am – Alarm goes off. Lay in bed for a few minutes because I think I can feel the baby move for the first time. 4:55am – Get out of bed, put in contacts, etc. go downstairs and pour myself a cup of OJ to sip on.  Even though the morning queasiness is gone, I […]



by Chelsea Myers on June 16, 2014


As of early Friday afternoon, Daniel was finished with all the requirements of his PhD program. Aside from minor bureaucratic frustrations, the defense and check out interview were completed with ease.  Other than the fact that our living room is full of boxes and I didn’t have to single-parent all weekend (so.much.easier.  I don’t know […]


Baby #2 – 18 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on June 13, 2014


Even though I know from prior experience that baby #2 is a developing human that will be joining us as a real life person and member of our family in November, it’s still hard to think of him/her as more than an abstract concept and irritation to my lower back/bladder.  We’re going to have family/18-month […]


Scott at 18 months

by Chelsea Myers on June 10, 2014

Hitting 18 months seems like a huge milestone.  1.5 years old.  An age in months that even people who don’t have toddler children can understand.  (Side note: I never got why someone would say, “Oh my kid is 11 months old or 16 months old.”  instead of  just rounding to 1 or 1.5 until I […]

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Baby #2 – 17 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on June 5, 2014


In all it’s glory: Maybe it’s because I’m short-waisted, but I feel like I carry really high compared to other pregnant women (see here and here for examples from two blogs I read).  I know it shouldn’t matter, but really… what is social media for if not to make meaningless comparisons to complete strangers. Anyway, […]



by Chelsea Myers on June 4, 2014

Camera dump 6-4-2014 287

We’re now just short of the 2-month mark before we leave, and we’ve begun the season of “lasts”.  So far we’ve marked the last Music class (although we’re going to go to a demo class for the toddler age group this Saturday just for something to do). Week with the diaper service.  I took a […]

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