May 2014

Baby #2 – 16 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on May 29, 2014


As if the universe finally realized I was serious about being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I finally felt that wonderful 2nd trimester sigh of relief this week.  Concepts like enthusiasm and future orientation are no longer distant memories.  I even picked out tonight’s dinner last night, which is a great improvement […]


I actually hadn’t looked at this list since I wrote it back in March, and we’ve actually done quite a number of the items on it.  There are a few things I’m going to cross off they just aren’t realistic and a few more I want to add.  It’s a good reminder that, while the temptation […]


Baby #2 – 15 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on May 22, 2014


At 15 weeks of gestation the baby is about the size of an apple.  It’s legs are getting longer than its arms and it, although it can’t open its eyes, it can detect light. The first official belly shot with baby #2: I think I actually look a lot bigger IRL, but this was the […]



by Chelsea Myers on May 20, 2014

10 weeks. Movers will be coming to fill a truck with boxes packed by us in 10 short weeks.  In 10 weeks and 1 day we will be giving the condo one last scrub down, cramming things in the car, and settling in for a 3 day drive to our new home in FL. It’s […]


Baby #2

So I think at the point that this is being posted most people already know that I’m pregnant with baby #2.  If not – surprise!  (Hi work people – I meant to say something at the staff meeting Wednesday, but I forgot.  Nothing like finding out about major life events via Facebook, right?)  I’m due […]


17 months

by Chelsea Myers on May 13, 2014


A couple weeks ago, when I was first composing this post in my head, I didn’t know what I was going to write about.  17 months seemed about the same as 16 months.  Scott certainly hadn’t had the same developmental leaps as he did around 15 months (walking! weaning! words!), but then he surprised me.  […]