April 2014

20(nine) questions

by Chelsea Myers on April 30, 2014

No cute pictures or fun outings from this weekend.  Scott did some good outside exploration time on Saturday, but Sunday it was cold and rainy, and the weekend was mainly spent doing some much needed spring cleaning and other around-the-house-type chores.  So instead of over-sharing in a more general way, today I’ll answer the 29 […]


Easter Weekend

by Chelsea Myers on April 23, 2014

Camera pics 4-22 056

Saturday morning Scott and I went to the first downtown farmer’s market of the season.  Even though there wasn’t much in the way of produce, it was still really busy.  Anyway, who really wants cucumbers when you can sample/buy cheese, maple candy and “Hot, spicy cheese bread!”?  Not us.  We left with maple syrup and […]


The Music Man

by Chelsea Myers on April 18, 2014

Drum Major Scott leading the band:


Scott at 16 months

by Chelsea Myers on April 14, 2014


At 16 months Scott is beginning to transition from the puppy dog to the velociraptor stage of toddlerhood. He’s starting to figure things out. Cute little things like using the comb to “brush” his hair and scary things like opening and closing doors and taking the magnet off the fridge and trying to unlock the […]


Older than dirt

by Chelsea Myers on April 9, 2014


Last weekend was UW Madison’s Science Expeditions Weekend, an annual three-day “open house” where the community can come and learn about cool scientific research being done across campus.  Because Scott has a limited attention span when Goldfish crackers are not involved, we decided to pick just one exhibit to see this year, the geology museum, […]