March 2014


by Chelsea Myers on March 31, 2014


Now that the weather is basically decent (i.e. warmer than freezing), my goal is to get out of the house and explore something new each weekend. This weekend’s main event was a Saturday morning trip to the zoo.  Truthfully, Scott didn’t care much for any of the animals except the giraffes.  They were inside because […]


Phone pics March 2014 281

Last Saturday morning I took Scott for his first visit to the Olbrich Gardens Bolz Conservatory.  It was a cold, dark day, and we needed a little warmth and humidity. Scott seemed to enjoy wandering around, looking at the plants, watching the waterfall, walking on new surfaces (this might have been his first experience with […]

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Brain Freeze

by Chelsea Myers on March 24, 2014

Scott gets brain freeze from some bites of Frosty.  The video is a little long, but he makes the face at 0:43 and 1:28.


Madison bucket list

by Chelsea Myers on March 19, 2014

Things we want to try to do before we move this summer: 1. Take Scott to the zoo. 2. Take Scott to the farmer’s market. 3. Get a picture of Scott at the capitol building. 4. Get a picture of Scott in one of the giant union terrace chairs. 5. Let Scott try Babcock ice […]


Over the weekend

by Chelsea Myers on March 17, 2014


Despite the fact that it was still kind of cold, we had a nice weekend. Friday afternoon, Scott and I took a walk around the UW campus before meeting Daniel for a photo shoot on the lake.  Getting some pictures of Scott on frozen Lake Mendota is one of the things on my Madison bucket […]

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by Chelsea Myers on March 13, 2014


You know you live in a cold place when it has to warm up enough for kids to go outside and play in the snow. Here’s a shot from playground time at daycare on Monday: As tired as I am of winter (and we still have snow in the forecast for next week #$#^!), I […]


15 months

by Chelsea Myers on March 10, 2014


This his been a big month for our little guy with first steps: and first words: Scott has his 15-month check-up on Wednesday so I’ll report back then on his height and weight, etc.  I think he’s grown taller but not much heavier since his 12-month visit – partly because he’s so active now and […]

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by Chelsea Myers on March 6, 2014

Personality-wise, I’m a do-er not an abstainer.  I find it much easier to think about doing something – e.g. going for a run – than not doing something – e.g. sleeping in in the morning – even if they are just two sides of the same issue.   Yesterday marked Ash Wednesday, the start of […]


Hello, March

by Chelsea Myers on March 5, 2014

So far we’ve been greeted by three snow showers (including 5 inches last night that made the morning commute reminiscent of the giant slalom), -10 degree temperatures Monday morning, and a baby sick with a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and ultimately an ear infection.  If this is “in like a lion” I hope “out like […]

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