February 2014

Look who’s talking

by Chelsea Myers on February 28, 2014

We’ve now added “bubbles” to “yum” in our vocabulary.  Scott said “bubble” for the first time during bubble time at gym class on Tuesday.  I almost cried when he looked up and said, “Ooooh, bubble.”  He’s started to mimic us more and more (which means I really need to start watching what I say in […]

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Lunch time

by Chelsea Myers on February 26, 2014



by Chelsea Myers on February 24, 2014

Kind of glad the Winter Olympics ended last night. Working on responding to reviewer comments on my second 1st-author paper. Reading Catch Me if You Can by Frank Abagnale Jr. Looking forward to watching the end of the season finale of Downton Abbey this evening. Training to run the Shamrock Shuffle 10k in March. Doing […]


Hard at work

by Chelsea Myers on February 21, 2014

This was a video Daniel took for my work Christmas party last December. The theme was “who are you outsourcing your work to”. I was “caught” letting Scott do my analyses.



by Chelsea Myers on February 20, 2014


Writing a discussion section is hard because: 1. Science. 2. It is hard not to plagiarize something you think you want to say but don’t actually understand. 3. I can only have so many tabs open on my browser at once. 4. It requires more critical thinking than I do in a typical year. Any […]


The Children’s Museum

by Chelsea Myers on February 19, 2014


Although it has been on our to-do list for a long time, Saturday we finally made it to the Madison Children’s Museum. It’s not a big place, and it took a little more than an hour for two adults and a 1-year-old to see everything. The first floor has a cafe and nature-themed play area […]


The bleak midwinter

by Chelsea Myers on February 18, 2014


Hope you’ve had a full recovery from Valentine’s Day – just in time for Girl Scout cookies to arrive. We had a pretty nice weekend. I followed my rules, and got Daniel the card shown above and some licorice and candied ginger (I find both abhorrent) for Valentines Day, and we went out to dinner […]


Look who’s walking!

by Chelsea Myers on February 17, 2014

He started putting more and more steps together on Friday and Saturday he was off to the races!


The greatest love of all

by Chelsea Myers on February 14, 2014

Yesterday Katie at Pick any Two shared a post on 5 ways to say “I love you” to yourself on Valentines Day.  Here are my 5 favorite gifts to myself: 1. A bag of candy that no one else likes.  No matter how long I let it sit in the freezer, that big bag of […]



Although I haven’t written about it here, Daniel is finishing up his PhD program and has spent the past several months on the academic job market.  42 applications, 20(?) phone interviews, 8 scheduled campus visits (5 completed), and 3 offers later, he’s accepted a position at Rollins College, which is a small (mainly) liberal arts […]