January 2014

All done

by Chelsea Myers on January 30, 2014


After many many many many many hours nursing and many many many ounces (gallons!) of milk pumped, the milk bar appears to be closed. Lefty has been done for awhile, but, after pumping a tiny bit at work on Monday, righty seems no longer to be in business either. Nana has been visiting and taking […]



by Chelsea Myers on January 29, 2014


It’s been a busy couple of days. Hopefully I’ll be back to my regular posting schedule tomorrow, but for now, here’s a few photos I’ve taken in the last few weeks. The last of the (home) freezer milk stash: Scott will still suckle maybe once in the evening for comfort but the dairy is just […]


Not by me.  And it wasn’t exactly a freak out.  Just a parent who acted – to my eyes anyway – way out of line with how her kid was acting. There was a little girl probably about 18 months old – she was at the upper end physically and developmentally – trying out Scott’s […]


I’m so over

by Chelsea Myers on January 23, 2014

Winter.  It was so cold when I walked to my building today that I thought I was going to be physically ill.  I had to cover my face with my mittens and peek out so I didn’t trip because the wind hurt my eyeballs. Upper respiratory infections. Ear infections and other things that require late […]

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As I mentioned yesterday, reading blogs is one of my 5-minute pleasures.  I try to keep the list short so I don’t spend too many 5 minutes-es checking blogs, but here are my current favorites in broad categories: Running: Running off the Reeses Eat, Drink and Run The Boring Runner This Runner’s Trials Baby/Parenting: Baby […]


Bits of joy

by Chelsea Myers on January 21, 2014

Free time is precious and fleeting.  It’s too easy to get sucked into spending it doing something meaningless (like checking e-mail) or doing something that doesn’t make you feel either more relaxed or productive (like cleaning the high chair for what seems like the 10th time today).  To make the most of precious, precious free […]


Over the weekend

by Chelsea Myers on January 20, 2014

This was not the most exciting weekend ever. Saturday was cold and snowy. Sunday was warmer but I wasn’t feeling very good so – other than church – we didn’t get out. We did go out to the library on Saturday to look for books, which we want to make part of our regular weekly […]


Around the Internet.

by Chelsea Myers on January 17, 2014


Madison’s human geography: Green Bay’s Hipster NFL logo: Beautiful images of Chicago during the polar vortex:


Another thing that came up in LV’s STEM post was about choosing a career (in her case being an author) based on passion.  Zillions of soon-to-be high school graduates across the US hear the same thing.  Obviously it worked out very well for her (at least in the long run – I wonder how long […]


Some thoughts about STEM

by Chelsea Myers on January 15, 2014

Monday I read a post from Laura Vanderkam about why, despite her obvious talent for math and science, she didn’t chose a STEM career.  While I usually like what LV has to say, this post really rubbed me the wrong way.  Maybe having a baby and gearing up for a major life change has made […]