September 2013

Literacy Network Race Recap

by Chelsea Myers on September 25, 2013


Last Sunday I ran the Literacy Network 10k and my parents walked the 5k while pushing Scott.  It starts downtown, travels along the Lakeshore Path and then turns around in Shorewood Hills before heading back.  This is the 3rd time I’ve run this race – I ran the 5k back in 2009 and the 10k […]


Grandma and Grandpa visit

by Chelsea Myers on September 23, 2013


We enjoyed a visit with Grandma and Grandpa Ellis this past weekend. Highlights included: Having family portraits taken (we got a great shot of the 5 of us plus a good one of Scott and his grandparents and a good one of Scott and Daniel and I) Going to the farmers market and picking up […]



Global climate data from the past 11,000 years plus an interesting point from about what might have happened had the global cooling trend that preceded the Industrial Revolution continued. The amazing story of a “real life Forrest Gump” assembled by a high school history teacher and his students from papers found in a discarded […]


Story time

by Chelsea Myers on September 18, 2013

We went back to story time at the library yesterday after about a month off for the break between summer and fall programming.  I don’t know if it was the slight difference in age or the fact that the class was small and we were sitting closer to the librarian (i.e. fewer distractions), but Scott […]



A few weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers, Laura Vanderkam, put out a request for readers to review her newest book, What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast.  I’d actually read the book before in it’s 3-part e-book incarnation, but I thought it would be a neat opportunity to review a book for a […]


Around the ‘net

by Chelsea Myers on September 13, 2013


Just a couple things this week.  I’m not feeling that well, and I think snot has backed up from my sinuses into the higher-level functioning part of my brain. This one’s been around for awhile, but here’s a funny comic on sleeping (or not sleeping) with a baby from How to Be a Dad. I […]


9 months

by Chelsea Myers on September 11, 2013


Big things are happening. A few teeth are coming in and, while Scott still isn’t keen on the idea of crawling, he loves to stand up with a little help. We had our 9-month check up yesterday and he was 20lbs 3.2oz and 27.75in long. This was a fun and easy appointment because there were […]


The Boob Tube

by Chelsea Myers on September 9, 2013

More Netflixing… Happy Endings – This show has the same premise as “How I Met Your Mother”, but Happy Endings is actually funny.  There’s a small group of friends in their late 20s/ early 30s.  They live, they love, they laugh.  This could so easily be terrible, but the actors are talented and the jokes […]


Around the ‘net

by Chelsea Myers on September 6, 2013

junk food

This one comes to you from A: It’s pretty funny, but I started thinking, what this chart really needs is to have some of the missing weeks filled in using fair food (many of the images come from here and here)… Week 9 – Deep fried butter Week 10 – Deep fried Oreo Week 11 […]



by Chelsea Myers on September 3, 2013


Labor Day Weekend –  the unofficial end of summer – has now come and gone.  I know for Southerners Halloween is the unofficial end of summer, but for us it means back to school (Daniel is teaching a class this semester) and the start of the march toward winter (although I admit fall is pretty […]