August 2013

First, someone has written a song about Daniel’s favorite restaurant: Second, the trend of the minute (well, 5 days ago, but it takes me awhile to post anything) is songs sloooowwwwwwed down. Here’s the slowed down version of Jolene that started it all (I guess): Daniel and I spent Monday evening slowing down some selections […]


List of 100 dreams

by Chelsea Myers on August 28, 2013

Not a “to do” list but having another birthday makes me think about life and what is important to me.  Some things are meant to be checked off.  Some are open ended.  Some maybe discarded later if I change my mind. Personal life/Family: Have 2 (3?) children.  Guide them as they grow up to be […]


bike polo

I’m turning 29 for the third time!  We don’t have any big birthday celebration plans, but I brought in Greenbush bakery donuts to work yesterday and we’re planning to have dinner at Pasqual’s tonight. Now to the Internet: What’s the hipster-ist way to fuel up for your hipster bike polo match?         […]


Reading list

by Chelsea Myers on August 21, 2013


The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks – I may have been the last person on earth to read this, but I’m glad I finally did.  It’s the story of a woman who died of cervical cancer in the 1950s and the cells that were harvested from her body and are still growing in cultures all […]


Some runs are all smiles, unicorns, and rainbows and some… not so much.  Unfortunately, Saturday’s race will be filed into the latter bin along with the race where a turn wasn’t marked and 5 other runners and I got lost and all the runs where I’ve been forced to poop in the bushes – especially […]


Around the ‘net

by Chelsea Myers on August 16, 2013


For those who want to live dangerously in the modern world, Send Me to Heaven is an app that allows you to compete with others to see how can throw their smartphone the highest. Funny PBS ad campaign Did you know that many of the Founding Fathers were younger than you are when they signed […]



Although I haven’t written much about running/working out lately, I’m super excited to be running the Madison Mini Marathon on Saturday.  It’ll be my first race since Crazylegs back in April and my first 1/2 marathon since fall 2011.  I ran this race back in 2010, and enjoyed it even though it was a hot […]


8 months old

by Chelsea Myers on August 11, 2013


Day by day, my little peanut baby is turning into a little peanut boy. Other than size, I wish they could come out at 8 months old. So cute and fun! (but also much more vocal about his dislikes). Here’s a little video of Scott performing giggle stand-up for a lunch crowd. As a side […]


Around the internet

by Chelsea Myers on August 9, 2013


Ode to Joy (and boogie variation) played by a 167 piece orchestra of theremins built into those Russian nesting dolls. Amazing book carvings: Cross-dressing as art on Switcheroo And finally, if Daniel and I were ever to have another wedding because, you know, nothing else was going on.  I’d totally wear this dress or maybe […]


Blog school

by Chelsea Myers on August 7, 2013

royal baby

Editor’s note: This post is a grant proposal for a scholarship to blog school.  As I was thinking about ideas for a great post on why I should win, I realized that it’s not the person who writes the best post who needs blog school, it’s the person who writes the worst… Why I SHOULD […]