July 2013


So traveling with a 7-month old is maybe not the most fun way to see the country (certainly behind “being pulled in a rickshaw by a cheetah” or “carried on a divan by 4 clones of Ryan Gosling while the original regaled me with, “Hey girl…”) but it wasn’t so bad either. We were happy […]


Scott sings the blues

by Chelsea Myers on July 25, 2013

Whew.  We just got home last night from a whirlwind trip to Daniel’s cousin’s wedding and to visit relatives throughout Tennessee.  I plan to post more in the next couple days.  If you want to see some beautiful pictures and a rundown of the ceremony and reception, check out J + A’s blog. In the […]

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Sandhill cranes

by Chelsea Myers on July 16, 2013


The cranes are visiting for the summer. These same birds actually winter down in Gainesville (which is not a bad idea if I say so myself).   They’re really quite lovely – my picture doesn’t do them justice – and a little intimidating.  When you walk up to one you realize they are as tall as […]


Scott vs envelope

by Chelsea Myers on July 15, 2013

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7 months

by Chelsea Myers on July 10, 2013


We’ve entered a very fun phase. At 7 months old, Scott is becoming so curious about the world.  He will reach for and try to grab anything that captures his attention – toys, paper, the bowl and spoon when we feed him, hair, noses, mouths and especially his own feet.  He’s still my charming little […]

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The Boob Tube

by Chelsea Myers on July 8, 2013


6 things you may not have watched on Netflix (but should!) 1. The Good Guys – A campy cop show starring Tom Hanks’ son Colin.  It only ran for one season (2010), but it’s hilarious and will satisfy all your needs for car chases and classic rock.  This is one I’d love to see brought […]


Five things Friday

by Chelsea Myers on July 4, 2013


1. ARGH!!!! I added new pictures to this post this morning with my phone for some reason none of the text I wrote yesterday was saved.  It’s hard enough to come up with something witty once let alone twice.  This may be brief. 2. Hope you had an enjoyable 4th of July holiday yesterday.  Wednesday […]


In June my resolution was to practice the keyboard every day for at least a minute, and I’m happy to report this was a success.  There were only 4 days the whole month when I didn’t practice at all – and those were days when I had commitments in the evening immediately after work – […]