June 2013

Photo shoot

by Chelsea Myers on June 30, 2013

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Daniel’s dad had a meeting in Chicago this past week and his parents stopped by for a visit. Scott had a busy week: Piloting his colorful plastic replica of the lunar lander: Playing with Mommy and Daddy: Wearing the vintage Myers hug and kiss t-shirt his dad and uncle Jason wore at his age: And […]


Happy Birthday

by Chelsea Myers on June 24, 2013


To two of the special men in my life. I love you both.  Here’s to many more.

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Last night we took Scott to his first Madison Mallards baseball game. Now that I think about it, it was his first sporting event in general. We went with a group of my co-workers and their families. Scott was not particularly impressed with the game play. But the fun of baseball games is really all […]



Saturday, June 15, 2013.  Let it be entered into the record. 5:00am – Alarm goes off.  Bring Scott back to our bed for a dream feed. 5:20am – Scott is done and goes back to his crib.  I get up and put on my running clothes, collect my water bottles, GPS, a Nutrigrain bar, gels, […]



Fun fact about me: I make a lot of breast milk.  Did you know that a 6-month old consumes about 30oz of milk a day?  That means I produce a gallon of milk every 4 days.  Dang.  In the first few months after Scott was born when he was drinking much less than that, I […]


6 months old

by Chelsea Myers on June 10, 2013


Height: 26.25 in (35th percentile), weight: 18lbs (58th percentile and 3x birth weight), head circumference: 43cm (40th percentile).  Current nickname: Peanut.  In brief, although he mainly just wants to nurse, he loves rice cereal and thought carrots were pretty good.  Avocado got a “meh” reaction.  We’re going to try bell peppers this week.  He can […]



It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these… The Poisoner’s Handbook by Deborah Blum. This book was about the beginnings of the sciences of forensic toxicology and pathology and focused on breakthroughs made by the medical examiner’s office in New York City during the 1920s and 1930s.  Each chapter was named for […]


I celebrated by running 4.5mi easy.  This morning marks the first time I begged to use the bathroom at a local coffee shop that was not actually open and then had to fix* the toilet after using it because I didn’t want the owner to regret his act of kindness. *Fix is a fancy word […]



Back at the beginning of May I was feeling somewhat frustrated – stuck in a place where I wanted to accomplish a lot of things, but unable to find the time/willpower/motivation to do them.   But instead of doing the sensible thing and backing off, accepting that I’m only human and only so much was […]