April 2013


If you’re not from Madison, the Crazylegs Classic is a HUGE (17k participants) 8k (just short of 5 miles) run and 2 mi walk to benefit the UW Athletic Association.  I ran the race once before in 2010, but have either been out of town, turned off by the nasty weather, or pregnant every other […]


Scenes from the weekend

by Chelsea Myers on April 28, 2013


This wasn’t actually from the weekend, but I had to capture Scott’s first interaction with grass.  He kind of pulled at it but otherwise wasn’t interested. Daniel recently finished a major paper submission so he’s had a light workload the last few days.  Friday Scott and I picked him up early from work, and we […]


Five Things Friday

by Chelsea Myers on April 26, 2013


1. I’m off/working from home today and Daniel has a light work load, so I’m planning to pick him up early and take Scott to the zoo to enjoy the warm weather and hopefully avoid weekend crowds. 2. We’re expecting highs in the mid- to high-60s this weekend.  YAY!  It’s not even supposed to rain […]


An appetizer

by Chelsea Myers on April 23, 2013

Pre-dinner raspberries. Your browser does not support the video tag


Scenes from the weekend

by Chelsea Myers on April 22, 2013

Daniel’s been on a curry kick ever since we went to London last year so Friday night we drove down to Fitchburg to eat at Curry in the Box. I had the jungle curry and Daniel got chicken tikka masala (we think… the waitress wasn’t sure).  His dish had a plain red sauce and mine […]



Decide you are going to brush your teeth.  Hope (well-fed, freshly changed) baby will cooperate. When baby DOES NOT want to be put down and three pacifier docking missions fail, grab unhappy baby and take him upstairs with you while you finish getting ready.   Realize that it is impossible to squeeze toothpaste onto a […]


Three Things Thursday

by Chelsea Myers on April 18, 2013

Pizza crust

1. I made pizza dough. It tried to escape. 2. I know I complained a lot about winter, but I’m sick of spring, too.  I just keeps raining and raining and raining and tomorrow we’re forecast for snow in the morning.  I keep hoping it’s all a bad dream, and I’m going to wake up […]


New tricks

by Chelsea Myers on April 17, 2013

Scott had his 4-month check-up yesterday.  He was measured at 25.5in long (58th percentile), 14lbs 8oz (32nd percentile), and had a head circumference of 41.7 cm (46th percentile).  The doctor was happy with how he was growing and developing, and he and the nurse talked to us a bit about starting solid foods somewhere between […]


Before and After

by Chelsea Myers on April 16, 2013

Ice cream

Editor’s note: I know that the whole “illustrate your post using a crude drawing in Paint” has been done 1000 times already, but sometimes you want to tell a story, and that story needs an illustration, and sometimes a funny Paint drawing fits the bill.  So yes, this is mimicry, but consider it in the […]


Scenes from the weekend

by Chelsea Myers on April 15, 2013

blog 004

Welcome us to the second decade of the 21st century.  Daniel and I have finally joined the smartphone club -with iPhones no less.  So far I’ve taken 75 pictures of Scott that I had to send to myself in separate e-mails so I could get them off the blog (there has to be a better […]