November 2012

[source] Because for the low low price of $1200, a Japanese scientist will sell an expectant mother a 3-D printed model of her fetus.  It even comes with a mini version that can be used as a cellphone trinket.


Not today

by Chelsea Myers on November 28, 2012

I was stressing about coming up with something interesting to write about today,* but then I saw this and laughed and decided “Who cares?”.  Not that I’m walking on the moon or anything, but sometimes life has to take priority over fixating over writing about life. *The most interesting thing that happened today is that […]


Forget Pat the Bunny and Goodnight Moon, thanks to my friend and co-worker Kerri we are now the proud owners of: This helpful introduction to the subject follows the characters f and x on an adventure through the alphabet. I don’t know if I’d be sad or proud if our baby bypasses “mama” and makes […]


Weekend summary

by Chelsea Myers on November 26, 2012

1. So there was this football game on Saturday afternoon… [source] I know this is a sore spot for some of my readers (and others are confused but vaguely recalling me saying something about Florida once…), but I couldn’t let it go unmentioned. 2. Saturday evening we had a fantastic dinner at Nostrano.  The actual […]


36 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on November 23, 2012

The fruit of the week is the honeydew. [source] The prize winning honeydew at the state fair. To be honest, I don’t have much more to say.  I had a regular OB visit this morning and everything looked good.  No signs that the baby will be coming to join us anytime soon, but that was […]


Happy Thanksgiving

by Chelsea Myers on November 22, 2012 - Thanksgiving is an annual tradition of observing how people used to communicate before the Internet

I don’t know if it’s the 60-degree weather (until tomorrow when the high is 31 – ick) or the fact it came so early in November, but it’s hard for me to believe it’s already Thanksgiving.  We didn’t travel anywhere this year (not that we ever do – it would mean a very long drive […]


It’s been hanging over my head for weeks, but we FINALLY bought a car seat last night and had the base installed. The Chicco key fit car seat in evergreen [source] The reason we waited is because the local children’s hospital has a safety center sponsored by Kohl’s where parents can buy safety gear including […]

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To be honest, I’m using the term “working out” pretty loosely at this point.  My “fitness” routine at 35.5 weeks pregnant looks something like this: walk about 4 mi 3-4x per week, 30 min elliptical + 30 minutes using weight machines 1-2x per week, and yoga 1x per week.  What I do on any particular […]



by Chelsea Myers on November 19, 2012

The number of hours in a week.  Hours we probably aren’t – if we are honest with ourselves- using as productively as we could.  A few years ago Laura Vanderkam wrote a time management book focused on being aware of how we spend each of our 168 hours* and identifying inefficiencies and time-wasters that we can dump to […]


35 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on November 16, 2012

I’m not sure you get the full impact from this picture, but I’m really starting to look BIG.  Fortunately – I guess as some kind of protective mechanism – I don’t actually feel that big, but every time I look in the mirror from the side I’m surprised at how far my belly sticks out. […]

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