October 2012


by Chelsea Myers on October 31, 2012

In honor of Halloween, here are 17 photos of animals in costume. My favorite is the pug dressed as a pug: Followed by the Mariachi hedgehog: And the lizard dressed as a flying lizard: The dog dressed as a horse is entirely too creepy: I dumped a bag of candy in a bowl and turned […]


Last weekend/Monday and yesterday evening we attended the first four of our baby classes at the hospital where I will deliver.  We had “Caring for your Newborn” last Saturday morning, the labor and delivery floor tour last Sunday, “Post-partum Care”  last Monday evening and “Breastfeeding” last night.  I probably could have skipped all the classes […]


Scenes from the weekend

by Chelsea Myers on October 29, 2012

My parents were in town visiting this weekend, and they had such a good time, they’ve decided to stay indefinitely*. Saturday afternoon we went to the Wisconsin vs. Michigan St. game.  We parked on the west side of campus and walked through Union South and down Regent St. to say happy birthday to a friend […]

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32 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on October 26, 2012

Honestly there’s not much new to say about me.  I’m starting to get curious and excited about “meeting” the baby.  I want to see this little person I’ve been carrying around for the last 7 months.  What still feels crazy and a bit overwhelming is that he could come anytime between 5 weeks (or really […]


Baby pictures

by Chelsea Myers on October 25, 2012

I had a second ultrasound this afternoon, and, although the baby was being shy and spent the entire 30 minutes trying to hide behind my spinal column, we did get a couple good pictures. Here’s his little arms: I think he has a future as a boxer.  The entire time he wasn’t punching me, he […]


by Chelsea Myers on October 24, 2012

If you’re tired of political ads interrupting your favorite shows on network TV or feeling uninspired by the next DVD in your Netflix queue, let me suggest an episode of the American Idol of Senegal… featuring sheep. This YouTube video is 30 minutes long, and I know you wouldn’t want to miss a moment of […]


You’re doing it wrong

by Chelsea Myers on October 23, 2012

I’m guessing most people have seen this already, but if not, some of these are pretty ingenious (all images are from Buzzfeed). Some of my favorites are: 1. Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water so your hard boiled eggs peel like this: Instead of this: Editors note: I haven’t actually tried this […]



by Chelsea Myers on October 22, 2012

Eating: Suncrisp and sonata apples Drinking: Mylanta night-caps Reading: Paul’s letter to the Romans The latest issue of Runner’s World Watching: Castle Wallander Raising Hope 30 Rock And wishing I could watch: The last season of Mad Men and Downton Abbey (Dear Netflix, Please making the last season of these shows available on streaming for […]


31 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on October 19, 2012

While I’m still feeling good and moving around well, I’m starting to see why women are ready to be DONE being pregnant at 40 weeks.  Anything that involves bending in the middle – putting on my socks, lifting something out of a deep freeze (that was exciting, and no, I didn’t end up in there […]

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Rain Check

by Chelsea Myers on October 18, 2012

I can’t think of anything interesting to post today, and I feel like I might be coming down with whatever Daniel had at the beginning of the week (not to mention that it’s actually raining), so I’m going to take the evening off and curl up with a magazine on the couch instead.  See you […]