August 2012

24 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on August 31, 2012

The baby is almost a foot long and somewhere in the 1 – 1.5lb range, making this weeks fruit the Subway sandwich.  Actually, it’s the cantaloupe. [source] He’s getting longer but mostly heavier every week.  His organs are developing and his fat stores are filling in.  And he’s been moving around a lot this week.  Not just […]


Leila Bascom

I had fun looking at these pictures showing residence hall life at UW over the past 100 years. Here are some highlights: Dorm decor was much frillier back in 1908. And suspending twigs from the ceiling was the fashion at the time. No man on campus would be without a giant picture of MOM on […]

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1. After an internal debate worthy of the high school forensics club, three trips to the parking permit office, and even more aborted efforts to log in/ register our car/ etc., we are now the owners of a UW parking pass.  You could fill the gas tank with Courvoisier for what we paid for that […]


[source] If there’s one thing that pregnancy prepares you for in early days of having a new baby, it’s the idea of getting up at night.  I don’t think I’ve slept through an entire night since I got pregnant.  Good nights involve only a trip or two to the bathroom.  Bad nights find me standing […]


I would spend at least part of it on really cute, really expensive baby clothes that would only be worn once or twice. Like this tiny sheep cap and mitten set: And little flannel PJs: This albatross sweater for sure: To be worn with trousers with knee patches while crawling around: And of course some […]

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Apartment update

by Chelsea Myers on August 26, 2012

The move-in process is in full swing.  I’m at the point where I swear our stuff is secretly multiplying in the closets because every time we take another car load to the new apartment I think, “We have to be getting close to done,” but when we return there’s still so so so so so […]


iThink iLike iT

by Chelsea Myers on August 25, 2012

Was the title way too much? Yesterday evening we joined the 2nd decade of the 21st century and bought an iPad2. Daniel got it all set up last night, and I played with it for a little while this morning.  I was proud of myself for figuring out how to open my e-mail, use Google […]


23 Weeks

by Chelsea Myers on August 24, 2012

Things have been changing a lot around here!  I was starving at the end of last week and the beginning of this one, and it seems to have paid off in a big growth spurt in the last few days.  This morning when I stepped on the scale I realized I’d hit three milestones: 1. […]


Happy Birthday to Me

by Chelsea Myers on August 23, 2012

It’s the big 3-0!  I actually thought today was going to be totally boring.  My only plans were to go to the gym and to work like normal and to move a few boxes of books to the new apartment and take out the trash there (nothing says responsibility like taking out someone else’s trash…).  But when […]


You can trust me

by Chelsea Myers on August 22, 2012

for another 28 hours.  Or is that a year and 28 hours?  Because I won’t be “over 30” until I’m 31, which will be next year.  In any case, this is my last day on earth as a 20-something, and – even though it feels like it was only two seconds ago- I thought it […]