July 2012

19 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 27, 2012

I’ve had a major growth spurt in the last week: Just kidding… that’s the belly pillow you can use to try on maternity clothes.  As a side note, stretchy, elastic-waist clothing is awesome.  My new duds will serve me well through any further pregnancies and all major holidays. Here’s the real 19-week shot: Only 6 […]


18 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 20, 2012

And growing…  Check out my massive bicep. Same dress only 3 weeks ago: Maybe the two shots don’t look much different, but the dress feels a lot shorter now! I had my 18-week OB appointment yesterday and everything was fine.  I’m up about 3lbs from pre-pregnancy, which is a little on the low end, but […]


 After two days of traveling out of town, I was ready to spend Wednesday exploring London.  I started the day by visiting the re-created Globe Theater on the south bank of the Thames.  The original Globe (of Shakespeare fame) burned down in 1613 and a second theater of the same name was built in 1614 […]


17 weeks

by Chelsea Myers on July 13, 2012

My weight is still the same, but my belly is definitely growing!  The baby is becoming less shark-like as its skeleton changes from cartilage to bone.  He or she is about 5 inches long and weights about 5 ounces – the size of a turnip.  I have my next OB appointment on Thursday, and I’m […]

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On Tuesday, I took my second tour with London Walks.  We started out taking a train ride down to Salisbury, which is southwest of London.  It’s a cute little Medieval city with twisty streets and a history that dates back to the Roman occupation. The oldest part of the city is enclosed within a city wall […]


16 weeks!

by Chelsea Myers on July 6, 2012

My self-photography skills leave lots of room for improvement One more month (from yesterday) until we find out the baby’s gender!  This week he/she weighs 3-5oz and is  4-5 inches long.  The fruit size of the week is avocado.  You’d think you’d be able to tell if you were storing an avocado in your abdomen, […]


Cambridge! It was cold and damp the entire day we were in Cambridge – two feelings I wouldn’t mind right now if it wouldn’t mean that I was standing in the basement under a leaky pipe. I met up with the London Walks tour group at King’s Cross station to take the train down to Cambridge.  BTW, […]


It’s toooooooooo hot. Ick.  I really shouldn’t even complain because other than riding my bike to and from work (the bus declared independence from running today) and doing some laundry (that’ll be fun), I don’t have to experience outside all that much.  Poor Daniel has to hike all over campus. I decided to go into […]


Yes, it has taken me forever to post the pictures from London.  No, I don’t have a good excuse.  Lots of excuses; none of them good.  Also, we have a lot of pictures, so I’m going to break this up into segments.  This is part 1 of the trip – the first Sunday we arrived. […]