February 2012

Goodbye, World

by Chelsea Myers on February 6, 2012

After some consideration, I’ve decided to become an ex-pat from Blogland.  I just unsubscribed from all the blogs in my Google reader, and this is going to be my last post.  It’s not that there aren’t blogs that I enjoy reading- I do- see my sidebar for many examples- and that I haven’t appreciated the […]


Six Things Saturday

by Chelsea Myers on February 4, 2012

1. I finally got my head to touch the floor in this pose in yoga yesterday.  Now I can start working on pushing up into a headstand.  I’m sure that won’t take long 😉 From Yoga Journal 2. As of 3pm yesterday, I’m one week caffeine free.  I’m not saying I didn’t want a sweet, […]


Our church is reading the Bible in a year, and I thought an appropriate January goal was to stick to that schedule.  I’m excited to say it was a success. Every day gets a check mark (sadly no stickers).  The numbers (in case you were wondering) are for location numbers on the Kindle so I […]

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