January 2012


by Chelsea Myers on January 30, 2012

Still caffeine free.  Still alive.  Daniel is still alive.  My brain was angry with me from Saturday afternoon through yesterday afternoon, but I think the worst was over once I hit the 48-hour mark.  I couldn’t find any reputable sources for how long it takes to work the magic fairy dust out of your system, but the disputable ones […]


On the agenda

by Chelsea Myers on January 28, 2012

Blog post Go scrape the ice off the car Hit up Trader Joe’s and Target at my very favorite time of day (before anyone else gets there) Go to yoga Go to Culvers Lay on the couch and want to die Yeah… after contemplating this for awhile, I’m finally pulling the trigger to get off caffeine. […]



by Chelsea Myers on January 26, 2012

I hadn’t been able to do any laundry since last Thursday, and last night things were getting dicey.  Like, “Do underwear become clean when you turn them inside out?” dicey.  The hot water pipes for our building needed to be replaced, which was going to expose some asbestos, which meant we weren’t allowed in the […]


Happy Chinese New Year

by Chelsea Myers on January 23, 2012

someecards.com - May your Chinese New Year dinner be filled with nothing but the finest yak penis

  Crude but funny. You always come through for us, Some E-cards. On the menu: Daniel requested Roman Candle pizza to build his strength for his first day teaching.I work out: Not yesterday.  I walked on the treadmill while watching Mad Men.Bible: Manna from heaven. 


School days

by Chelsea Myers on January 22, 2012

Daniel and I had a good time visiting the Wingra School yesterday.  Both of us are the product of pretty good but very traditional public schools, so learning cursive through personal exploration while reclining in the classroom loft was not part of either of our formative years.  Although they day we send any child to […]

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Kid stuff

by Chelsea Myers on January 21, 2012

Credit So I started reading The Hunger Games a few days ago, and I’m totally into it.  Who knew the whole teen dystopian adventure romance genre could be so entertaining?  I’d consider seeing the movie when it comes out on Netflix. I think it’s funny that, because as a rule people in high school are weird […]

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Just… wow.

by Chelsea Myers on January 20, 2012

It’s as if Kelly Kapoor started her own home organizing business (hat tip, A). Back to my mess of a life… On the menu:Greek meatball pitas (using leftover meatballs from last week) and carrots with Trader Joe’s cucumber dip. I work out:3.2mi in 30 minutes on the treadmill + weights + general trying to stay […]

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Outside is about the same temperature as your freezer. Cold registers as pain. Any exposed skin burns. You will do ANYTHING not to be outside. Your car doesn’t want to start. The steering wheel is still an ice cube even though the heater has been on for 15 minutes. Locks are tough to open and […]



by Chelsea Myers on January 18, 2012

Credit More than 1 million signatures were collected for the recall Walker effort.  Obviously there are a few “Santa Claus” and “Mickey Mouse” and duplicates that will have to be tossed out, but it well surpasses the number needed to force the recall and even the dream goal of 700,000. We got our first pro-Walker […]

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Don’t speak

by Chelsea Myers on January 17, 2012

More words/prhases I’d reject from the English language: BRO-XYZUsed to describe anything related to young men of questionable repute.  Bro-tastic, cool story bro, bro fist bump, brommunity.   Credit (I think) FEEL THE XYZ-MENTUM Used to describe something (usually a politician) that’s increasing in popularity.  Do you feel the Rom-mentum?  Nope.  Sure don’t. WE’RE PREGNANTOnly one of […]