September 2011

Tales from the gym

by Chelsea Myers on September 29, 2011

It was a dark and stormy Monday morning… Normally I’ll run in the rain as long as it’s not thundering and lightning but it looked really miserable out so I decided to cash in one of my “Get out of Running Outside Free” cards and hit the gym for a spin on the treadmill. I […]


Sunday Randomness

by Chelsea Myers on September 25, 2011

I was so industrious I put myself out of work yesterday.  The apartment is clean, errands were run, lunch for the week was cooked, and some football was even watched.  Looking forward to a chill day today.  Maybe even another football game. I roasted nearly every vegetable that came in our CSA box last week […]


Welcome to the World

by Chelsea Myers on September 21, 2011

Two of the women in my church small group were due to have baby girls at the end of October, so just to be on the safe side, we planned to have a surprise baby shower last Monday night.  The two other non-soon-to-be-Moms are Pintrest queens, so we had a ton of cute decorations. Evidently […]


Olbrich Gardens

by Chelsea Myers on September 20, 2011

As I flipped back through the pictures I just uploaded to our new computer, I realized I never posted anything about our Labor Day trip to Olbrich Gardens. Olbrich is on the East Side of Madison and has a large free outdoor and inexpensive ($1) tropical indoor area to tour.  We’ll have to plan another […]


Book Review: Faceless Killers

by Chelsea Myers on September 19, 2011

Faceless Killers is the first novel in the Kurt Wallander series by Henning Mankell, who is billed as Sweden’s greatest living* mystery writer.  The truth is that, other than the fact that both Mankell and Larsson’s books are set during the winter… and when is it not winter in Sweden?… there is not much similar about them. Image […]

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Fall is here

by Chelsea Myers on September 18, 2011

Technically it doesn’t start until Friday, but but all signs point to a change in seasons: Runs have been completed with the aid of long sleeved shirts and mittens.  I knocked out 12 miles in 1:51 yesterday, which was a bit slower than last week, but still under my goal time of 9:20min/mile. “Real” college […]


Hello, computer

by Chelsea Myers on September 16, 2011

We finally got a new computer (after two weeks, thanks for the hustle, DoIt).  Poor old Lappy can go back into retirement.  We brought him out for this One Last Mission, but he’s an old man now and is happier just playing NPR programs at dinner time and the occasional Saturday football game or episode of 30 […]


Which is why my weekend recap is getting posted on Tuesday morning. Friday! Friday! Friday! was my friend Kerri’s 27th birthday.  We hit up the Nitty Gritty, which bills itself as Madison’s birthday place, for dinner. The birthday boy/girl gets free beer all day on his/her birthday (free juice or soda for those underage or […]


Friday link love

by Chelsea Myers on September 9, 2011

Innovations in Fair Foods – Taking fried to a whole new level. An excerpt: Deep fried pickles (which I would totally eat): Deep friend butter (which I don’t get… butter doesn’t really taste like anything by itself): And the creativity award goes to…deep fried bubble gum (which the article says is actually a bubble gum […]


After every 5 books about murder and mayhem, I have to re-balance my psyche with something light and uplifting.  This time, I picked Switch by The Heath Brothers. Credit Switch is mostly a self-help book with a little pop psychology thrown in.  The authors compare making a change- whether personal or in an institution or […]