WITL – Winter 2017 recap

by Chelsea Myers on January 17, 2017

Some observations:

  • While I’m finding it interesting to track my time, I would not do another one of these post series.  I honestly don’t like having to post every day.  Now that the kids are older, I’m going to consolidate all of our updates into one “currently” post per month, and I’d like to do one DITL post quarterly.  More isn’t more, it’s just… more.  Or maybe I will.  See last bullet.
  • Averages/totals for the week (though these totals are from 11-8 to 11-14, a little off from the days I posted for this series):
    • Sleep: 8.14 hours of sleep/night
    • 1.5 hours housework/day including cooking, laundry, cleaning up, etc.  Little kids are messy.
    • 4.5 hours reading/day.  Again a lot of that happens when I’m driving, doing chores, or exercising.
    • 1.5 hours working/day.  This will go down as everyone gets the hang of what is doing on and I don’t have any more panicked questions.
    • .5 hours writing/day.  This is not as good as it could be but not as bad as it could be either.
    • 10.5 hours of exercise total, which, because it was a weird week, included both a 20 mile and a 14 mile run.  It also included several days off, too.
  • I think I’m getting my money’s worth with my Audible (audiobook) subscription.  I don’t ever buy books because I don’t re-read and the library has so much, but the digital audio selection is pretty small (even at the big library – they only “shelve” weird file types).  I really enjoy classics and things that are a little “hard” to read on audio.
  • I read a suggestion to download the Kindle app to my phone and have a book going on there, too.
  • Even though these diary-type posts are a little tedious, I do think they are a good exercise because, with little kids, life changes so much with every season.  I *think/hope* I will be happy to have the records to look back on one day.  It’s easy to forget little things.


WITL – Winter 2017 Day 7

January 17, 2017

Sunday, January 15 6:30: Wake up, make coffee and catch up on WITL blog posts before everyone else gets up 7:30: Kids get up, eat breakfast, get ready 8:15: Check Valencia e-mail and do some minor things.  This will slow down after next week once everyone is settled 9:15: Leave to take boys to visit […]

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WITL – Winter 2017 Day 6

January 15, 2017

Saturday, January 14 5:00: Wake up, get ready 5:20: Run 14 miles in 2:13 with 2x4mi at marathon pace.  1st 4 mi at 9:04/mi, 2nd 4mi at 8:55/mi.  This was a little slower than I’d have liked – definitely slower than my last marathon paced run, but now begins the peaking/taper phase when I get […]

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WITL – Winter 2017 Day 5

January 15, 2017

Friday, January 13 (dun dun dun) 7:00: Wake up (rest day), get kids ready 8:45: Car makes a strange noise when it starts.  Take Scott to school.  Get battery checked.  Car starts fine.  Must be owls.  Start Jane Eyre on audio book.  It’s really good.  The narrator is wonderful. 9:30: Stop by friend’s house from […]

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WITL – Winter 2017 Day 4

January 15, 2017

Thursday, Jan 12 6:00: Wake up 6:15: Run 5mi with strides 7:15: Get ready, get the kids up and ready 8:00: Grandma is here! 8:45: Kids leave with Grandma.  Scott goes to school.  Will and Grandma go to the park and to pet baby animals at a feed store 9:00: I’d set aside this time […]

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WITL – Winter 2017 Day 3

January 13, 2017

6:00: Wake and get ready. 6:15: Run 7mi with 8x800m between 3:30 and 3:40 (this was the good workout I needed after Sunday’s a little too slow long run) 7:30: Return home, get kids ready for school, eat breakfast 8:45: Leave to take Scott to school 9:05: Arrive at library with Will.  Do puzzles, read […]

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WITL – Winter 2017 Day 2

January 11, 2017

Tuesday January 10: 7:15: Wake up, get myself and the kids ready, eat breakfast (oatmeal with Craisins, peanut butter and honey again) 8:45: Drive boys to school 9:15: Yoga at the Y 10:30: Check and respond to student e-mail 11:00: Write about 400 words of my novel 11:45: Go get Will from school 12:10: Come […]

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WITL – Winter 2017 Day 1

January 10, 2017

Monday, Jan 10: Overnight: Random (unusual) wakings to attend to the boys who both (I think) managed to kick off their blankets and get cold. 7:30: Wake up, get kids up, get everyone fed and ready to go.  Did my long run (last 20-miler before Celebration!) yesterday so today is a rest day. 8:45: Drive […]

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Currently – January 2017

January 5, 2017

Noteworthy: Christmas!!!!!!!  It as neat to have Christmas at home this year and make all the magic happen.  The boys were so excited to empty their stockings and see everything under the tree.  We went to Christmas Eve service with Grandma and Grandpa and then did Christmas morning at our house followed by church and […]

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Book stuff 2016/2017

January 1, 2017

I ended up reading 64 book in 2016 – some long, some short; some audio, some on paper.  Very slightly more than 50% were fiction. My favorites were (in order I read them last year): Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (read but have heard it is excellent on audio)  The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion […]

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