Will – 19 months

by Chelsea Myers on June 22, 2016

At 19 months, Will:

  • Loves ice cream (and black olives, which are so not my favorite).


  • Can name family members (Mommy, Daddy, Scott, Gramma, Gramma (Grandpa), Nana, Papa) and himself and recognizes himself in pictures


  • Points to things and says, “Right there!” if you ask him where something is.  If you ask him where his belly button is, he might show you or he might say, “Hiding.”
  • Was 32.5 inches tall (50th %ile), 22lbs 11oz in weight (28th %ile), and had a head circumference of 19.28 in (87th %ile) at his last physical.
  • Loves exploring and play with brother.



  • Likes to play wrestle and tickle.
  • Has no fear jumping in the pool and loves to swim to the side.
  • Enjoys eating off other people’s plates and feeding them bites.
  • Is sitting in a forward facing car seat and climbs in by himself.  “I climbing!”
  • Does not sleep past 6am.
  • Can name all the Thomas the Tank Engine trains.
  • Builds with Duplos.
  • Stacks blocks.
  • Says, “I carry you!” when he wants to be picked up and “Up and down!” when he wants to be released from his crib.
  • Enjoys going to the playground, story time at the library, the swimming pool, and the science center.
  • Likes to ride in the stroller with me while I run.
  • Says, “I understand” and “Okay” if you have a discussion with him (not that he really knows what it means).
  • Is starting to take an interest in colors.
  • Can count to 10 and has named the stuffed robot 8-9-10.
  • Is probably ready for a scooter of his own.
  • Will start preschool this fall.
  • Is doing swim lessons again starting in July.
  • Is going to learn to be a big boy thanks to Scott’s help.



This time last year, Will as at peak cuteness at 7 months old.


Two years ago, we were waiting to find out if Will was a boy or a girl.


Scott – June 2016

June 10, 2016

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Scott Just turning 3: Things that Scott does at 3.5 that he couldn’t do at 3: Use the potty Dress himself Recognize a few sight words like “stop” “milk” and “Roku” Tell a story Play pretend – especially dentist and doctor. Name his toys Ride a tricycle Zoom around on a scooter […]

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Currently – June

June 6, 2016

It’s already so hot and humid out.  We’ve been doing a lot of playing inside, and all outside activities must be flavored vanilla and topped with sprinkles. Scott had last week off from school and started summer camp today.  It’s at his normal preschool and in his usual classroom but with different teachers and a […]

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Will – 18 months

May 14, 2016

And headed full speed toward 2!  Right now Will Can count to 10, though he doesn’t really understand what that means Loves puzzles and can do our Melissa and Doug wooden ones like this by himself (or with very little help) Is starting to show the 2-year-old temper.  He screams when he gets frustrated and throws […]

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Scott – May 2016

May 12, 2016

Scott is growing, growing, growing.  He’s eating and sleeping and is too tall for the 3T jammies he got for his birthday/ Christmas.  Here’s some things he’s been up to lately: Singing: At gymnastics: Doing his excited dance: He’s loving school – especially reading Shark in the Dark – and we are (okay, I am) […]

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Currently – May

May 3, 2016

In pictures:   Running: I finished the last race in my spring race series at the end of May.  It’s one of the slower 5ks I’ve run recently – just over 24 minutes – but it seemed to be a slow race for everyone (it was humid and part of the course was on muddy […]

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Will – 17 months

April 15, 2016

At 17 months Will Loves to draw and paint.  Especially places he shouldn’t like people or the furniture. Enjoys eating butter chicken and chicken tikka masala.  And Cheetos from a baggie.  And eating anything while sitting in my lap, using my utensils. Is messy (though better now than in this picture) eating yogurt (another favorite food). […]

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Scott – April 2016

April 12, 2016

Thankfully this is not our garage.  At least not yet!  I’ve got to say, for 3 and 1 they have pretty good rhythm. Scott: Is starting to be able to do more complex puzzles. Loves playing trucks and is starting to “play “with Will, though it’s more parallel play than really playing together. Is getting […]

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DITL – Spring 2016

April 5, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016.  Scott is 3.25 years old, Will is 16 months, Daniel and I are 33.5.  Daniel goes to work for a normal 8 – 5 day on Fridays.  The boys are home with me.  Friday is a rest day from working out for me. 6:30 – Wake up.  Daniel gets in the […]

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Currently – April

March 29, 2016

Loving: Being finished with “phase one” of settling in to our new house.  We have windows and blinds and all the wall hangings are up. Will’s room: Scott’s room: Master bedroom: Living room: Running – It’s our racing season down here, and I recently ran a near PR in a 10k (47:39, my current PR […]

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