Recorded Monday, July 18.  Daniel is 34, I’m 33, Scott is 3.5 and Will is 20 months.

6am – Wake up and go for an easy run.

6:45am – Return home to find Daniel and Will eating breakfast.  Will has been doing better sleeping through the night – he even slept until 7am a few times last week – but he was up at 6:30 this morning.

7am – Make sure Scott is up.  Get everyone dressed and fed because…

8am – Scott has his first big kid swimming lesson.  He is working on flipping from his tummy to his back while swimming and the elementary backstroke, two things he needs to be able to do to get his green band at the pool. Will roars for moral support.



8:50am – Will has his swimming lesson (at a different pool, of course).  Scott dances along with the water aerobics ladies.



9:10am – We return Daddy home so he can go to work and Scott, Will and I visit the pet store and the bookstore, two of our favorite “stay cool in the summer” activities.





11:30am – Will is getting sleepy so we head home.  He eats two peanut butter crackers in the car before he falls asleep.  I manage to transfer him to the big bed when we get back home.

Noon – Scott and I eat lunch and he watches The Little Mermaid during rest time.  I lay down with Will until he wakes up, near the end of the movie.

1:30pm – Playtime.  Trains, hide and seek, books, the keyboard, etc.





3:15pm – A friend and his mommy came over to play for a bit.  We tried to go outside but it was very hot and thundering (though we didn’t get much rain) so moved the action back in and it was… action-y.  Will could not be convinced it was not a good idea to jump directly off the couch onto the floor.  We had a fun visit but it was a good reminder that little boys need lots of time to run around outside.  One of the reasons we’re trying to motivate Scott to get his green swim band is so that one adult can take both boys to the pool at the same time (right now we have to be one-on-one).

4:45pm – Friends head home and I am tired.  It’s still hot and thundering out so I let the boys watch a little more TV until Daniel gets home.

5:30pm – Daddy is back and works on dinner.  I do a little clean up around the house.  We have butter chicken (Will’s favorite) and naan (Scott’s favorite).  I clean up while Daddy takes the boys out in the backyard to play.  It’s finally not miserable out!

7:00pm – Bath time.  Scott decides to wash Will’s hair and says, “I cooked his mustache!”  Will runs around saying “mustache!”

7:30pm – I read stories and rock with Will.

8:00pm – He’s still going strong so I put him in his crib with some books and he goes to sleep on his own without a fuss.  I lay down and read Gone Girl.

8:30pm – Time for lights out for Scott.  He wants some company so I lay down with him and he’s immediately asleep.  Go back to my room and read a little more Gone Girl.

9:00pm – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.




Will – 20 months

July 14, 2016

At 20 months old, Will loves to: Let his opinions be known.  This was taken while he was expressing disapproval over a beverage offering. Eat: hot dogs, watermelon, chicken with Indian sauce, black olives, Dory cereal, bacon and anything on someone else’s plate. Ride in the stroller while I run – especially when I do […]

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Scott – July

July 11, 2016

Recently Scott has: Been into all sea creatures, especially rays and jellyfish Enjoyed playing elaborate pretend games on his own Gotten very good at doing puzzles and playing games on the Ipad Enjoyed watching The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and the ocean episodes of Planet Earth Loved going to the pet store at watching all the […]

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Currently – July

July 6, 2016

And hot hot hot hot hot.  A few pictures from the Independence Day, also known at our house was Watermelon Day, festivities. I ran a 5k earlier in the morning and we took the boys back out to play on the inflatable slides (S loved it, W just wanted to jump on the bottom part […]

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Will – 19 months

June 22, 2016

At 19 months, Will: Loves ice cream (and black olives, which are so not my favorite). Can name family members (Mommy, Daddy, Scott, Gramma, Gramma (Grandpa), Nana, Papa) and himself and recognizes himself in pictures Points to things and says, “Right there!” if you ask him where something is.  If you ask him where his […]

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Scott – June 2016

June 10, 2016

Happy 1/2 Birthday, Scott Just turning 3: Things that Scott does at 3.5 that he couldn’t do at 3: Use the potty Dress himself Recognize a few sight words like “stop” “milk” and “Roku” Tell a story Play pretend – especially dentist and doctor. Name his toys Ride a tricycle Zoom around on a scooter […]

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Currently – June

June 6, 2016

It’s already so hot and humid out.  We’ve been doing a lot of playing inside, and all outside activities must be flavored vanilla and topped with sprinkles. Scott had last week off from school and started summer camp today.  It’s at his normal preschool and in his usual classroom but with different teachers and a […]

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Will – 18 months

May 14, 2016

And headed full speed toward 2!  Right now Will Can count to 10, though he doesn’t really understand what that means Loves puzzles and can do our Melissa and Doug wooden ones like this by himself (or with very little help) Is starting to show the 2-year-old temper.  He screams when he gets frustrated and throws […]

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Scott – May 2016

May 12, 2016

Scott is growing, growing, growing.  He’s eating and sleeping and is too tall for the 3T jammies he got for his birthday/ Christmas.  Here’s some things he’s been up to lately: Singing: At gymnastics: Doing his excited dance: He’s loving school – especially reading Shark in the Dark – and we are (okay, I am) […]

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Currently – May

May 3, 2016

In pictures:   Running: I finished the last race in my spring race series at the end of May.  It’s one of the slower 5ks I’ve run recently – just over 24 minutes – but it seemed to be a slow race for everyone (it was humid and part of the course was on muddy […]

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