List of 100 dreams 2016

by Chelsea Myers on August 24, 2016

I was surprised about how many from the previous list we’d actually done.  Now updated for 2016.

    1. Guide our children as they grow up to be happy, healthy, productive members of society.
    2. Have non-rodent non-reptile pets.
    3. Read a book series like Harry Potter or Little House on the Prairie.
    4. Have the kids participate in/ be interested in at least one physical activity and one musical/artistic activity.
    5. Send our kids to the best schools I can.
    6. Establish holiday traditions.
    7. Make a giant mess baking Christmas cookies.
    8. Spend a cold or rainy afternoon playing board and card games.
    9. Read a story with the kids and become so engaged we stay up late to finish the book.
    10. Raise the boys in the church so they adopt the faith as their own as they grow up.
    11. Allow the boys to finish college debt-free.
    12. Introduce my kids to the arts – take them to plays, the ballet, the symphony, etc.  They won’t enjoy them all, but at least give them the exposure.
    13. Go tubing in a cold spring on a hot day.
    14. Spend a night at Cocoa Beach.
    15. Go to Lego Land.
    16. Go to Weeki Wachee.
    17. Go to St. Augustine.
    18. Make my home office a bit more useful.
    19. Go to Busch Gardens.
    20. Go to Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers.
    21. Visit all the Disney parks.
    22. Spend a night in the Cars hotel at Disney.
    23. Be influential (in a good way) in the life of a child not in our family.
    24. Have friends and family over for regular Sunday dinners.
    25. Host Christmas at my house.
    26. Host more dinner parties.
    27. Organize my grandparents’ photos and send digital copies to family members.
    28. Continue to make scrapbooks with family photos each year.
    29. Be part of a regular book club.
    30. Know enough about the world to be a credible Jeopardy contestant.
    31. Be able to sing well enough to enjoy it and not embarrass myself.
    32. Begin piano lessons again and learn a new song a month on the piano.
    33. Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon.
    34. Run the other “big” marathons like NYC, Chicago and Big Sur.
    35. Run the Space Coast 1/2 Marathon.
    36. Go tubing down a hill in the snow.
    37. Learn to cross-country ski.
    38. Learn to downhill ski.
    39. Be able to do a body weight bench press.
    40. Be able to do some kind of cool party trick arm balancing yoga pose.
    41. Go stand up paddle boarding.
    42. Go kayaking.
    43. Write a novel.
    44. Do a 5k with the boys.
    45. Get back into volunteering at church.
    46. Take a yoga class at least once a week.
    47. Feel more comfortable doing home improvement projects especially using the electric drill.
    48. Gain back some ab strength.
    49. Run a sub-1:45 1/2 marathon.
    50. Run a 10k around 45 min.
    51. Run a 5k around 22 min.
    52. Know the main plots/characters from Shakespere.
    53. Have a working knowledge of music theory.
    54. Write a song.
    55. Finish the Outlander series.
    56. Spend at least one night in all 50 states.
    57. Tour all the national parks.
    58. Visit all the non-scary countries.
    59. Go to Door County.
    60. Take Scott back to Madison and show him where he was born.
    61. See the Lost City in the University of Wisconsin Arboretum.
    62. Spend a week in NYC.
    63. Spend a week in Boston.
    64. Visit someplace interesting during one of Daniel’s sabbaticals.
    65. Vacation in Alaska and Hawaii.
    66. Spend a fall weekend in New England watching the colors change.
    67. See the northern lights.
    68. Hike some of the cool parts of the Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Coast trail.
    69. Spend some time in a non-English speaking country and pick up some of the language.
    70. Tour Cambridge again, this time with Daniel.
    71. Go on a mission trip.
    72. Go SCUBA diving somewhere cool.
    73. Work as a statistical consultant.
    74. Attend a SAS conference.
    75. Be involved in a professional organization.
    76. Have a real piano.
    77. Get regular massages after my long runs.
    78. Send a heartfelt letter of thanks to someone who played an important role in my life.
    79. Work on the landscaping in our back and front yards.
    80. Have a small garden.
    81. Eat lucuma ice cream again.
    82. Get a Thai massage.
    83. Eat at Victoria and Albert’s when Daniel gets tenure.
    84. Have a vase of fresh-cut flowers in my house every day.
    85. Try one of those Alter-G anti-gravity treadmills.
    86. Drink a Manzana Lift.
    87. Do a pull-up.
    88. Read more biographies and narrative non-fiction.
    89. Finish Anna Karenina (I’m 95% done but that still leaves 5 hours of reading left!).
    90. Spend time with each kid one-on-one.
    91. Be involved in each child’s school/classroom.
    92. Find a great Mexican restaurant in WP/Orlando.
    93. Stay in touch or reconnect with old friends.
    94. Do a winter house swap where we switch with someone who lives up north so they can have some warm weather and the boys can experience cold and snow.
    95. Convince one kid to ride crazy roller-coasters with me.
    96. Watch an Olympic event live.
    97. Have a cool Halloween costume I wear every year.
    98. Ride in a limousine.
    99. Pay off our mortgage early.
    100. Have good relationships with our neighbors.


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